CIS290 Marketing & PubLish MObile apps @ Rock Valley College

Market & Publish Mobile Apps (CIS-290-2I010) teaches students how to take an iOS app they have developed and publish the app onto the Apple App Store. In addition, students learn how to leverage social media and free web tools to market their apps to get the most saturation.
Course Meets online for 8 Weeks
Professor Konkol shares his experience publishing apps to the app store!
Taught using Swift development language


Instructor created content, as Konkol refers to it, is still a foreign concept to some, but for programming and other technology based courses it has become the new normal over the last two to three years. It saves each of his students anywhere from $100-$150 per class.

Course Outline
  1. What is Mobile Marketing?
  2. Why Market my App?
  3. Methods of Marketing App
  4. Stages of Apple Developer Registration
  5. Preparing App for Publishing
  6. Publishing App to Apple App Store
  7. Post Marketing
  8. Tools to track downloads/sales
Thanks for your time! I hope you register for the course! - Professor chuck Konkol 📱
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Chuck Konkol


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