Samurai Project History By: Rishi Contractor Period: 2

The Rise of Japan's Military: The first thing to know that is Japans premodern warriors were known as Samurais. Samurais were hired by estate owners called Daimyo, to protect them and their properties. Though in 1192, Japan started to have military leaders known as Shoguns. The Shogun s ruled on the behave of the Emperor, well he did what interests him first. These Shoguns had impacted Japan so much, because of the fact that they ruled so much. This means that, not only did the Shoguns lead armies they had led Japan also.
The Samurai's, Armor, Weapons, and Fighting: Samurais used swords known as the Katana. The Katana was a traditionally made Japanse sword. Then when it comes to armor, Samurai's were known to be heavily protcted. It has been said that the Samurai's armor has been developed by the Chinese and the Koreans.
The Samurai's Training and The Warrior Code: The Samurais followed a speacial code known as "Bushido." Bushido was about loyalty and bravery. Their ways of fighting used a traditional Japanese sword known as a Katana. Samurai's were also known to work on a horse back, while shooting bows. Although these three fighting style were important , sword fighting was the most important.
The Training in Writting, Literature and tea Ceremony: Zen Buddhism was very important to Samurais, because they believed in meditation and peace was essential. Samurai's also participated in traditional tea ceremonies, along with practicing literature and writting.
Women in Samurai Society: Women in Samurai's families learned to handle weapons, proct their families while men were fighting. This gave the women a much higher place in the society.


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