Blue deliver the UK’s first Fuchs MHL 375F Material Handler

Blue Scotland recently delivered the UK’s first ever Fuchs MHL 375F Material Handler, into J Denham Metals, in County Durham. The longstanding customer of Blue, decided to add the MHL 375F to their ever-growing fleet, which already includes a Fuchs MHL 350F and MHL 360F.

The brand new MHL 375F was two years in design, recreated from scratch, with a focus on scrap and port applications. Launched earlier this year at Bauma, Fuchs have seen a lot of interest throughout the world as it sits nicely between the MHL 370 and 390, as it bridges the gap in the 60-70 tonne category.

Main Features

  • Available in three reach sizes of 18M, 20M or 22M
  • Weight ranges from 62-71.8 tonnes
  • 245KW diesel or a 200KW electric engine
  • Operators Cab available in two options, Option 1 – adjustable to 6 meters viewing height, Option 2 – vertical and horizontal cap which is adjustable to 6.3 meters viewing height
  • Modular machine, choice of standard/XL undercarriage (both on wheels) or a crawler undercarriage which is on tracks
  • Choice of turrets to further raise the machine by; 0.8M, 1.4M or 3.7M
  • Available in a straight boom or cranked boom
  • Machine will work with a range of attachments, including; cactus grab, clamshell grab, load hook, magnet, timber grab or shear attachment

One of the main benefits of the Fuchs MHL 375F is the service platform, which allows you to carry out all your servicing on the machine from the one area. This is very beneficial when comparing it to other material handlers, which require an operator to use a harness and or a safety boxing ring fitted to the machine to prevent falls. The Service platform is specific to Fuchs and allows the operator to carry all servicing and daily routine checks in a safe protected area without the need of external facilities.

Operators using the new MHL 375F will also reap benefits from its excellent build quality. Fuchs use steel hydraulic pipes up the back of the boom. Other material handlers will use rubber hydraulic pipes, meaning they are susceptible to perishing whilst operating the machine, and the rubber is also exposed to the outside elements during the winter months. The undercarriage on the MHL 375F is formed from one continuous steel piece, rather than multiple pieces, meaning that there are no weak spots. The machine also has double bearing slew rings, which makes it more structurally sound.

The material handler comes with a range of safety features to help the customer and operators. The joystick steering removes the need for a steering wheel in the middle of the cab which offers the operator improved visibility, whilst also providing more legroom and comfort. It comes with a 7” multi-function touch display which is easy to operate and offers a full monitoring of the machine date. The new MHL 375F also comes with an updated camera to offer better 360 visibility around the machine, allowing the operator to work with more confidence, as they have a better feel for their surroundings.

Blue Scotland Area Sales Manager, Darren Smyth, adds: “The MHL 375 is the ideal machine for all your heavy duty loading and handling needs. It’s powerful Deutz engine combined with its heavy -duty build, award winning cab design and ability to perform in even the most restricted spaces make it the perfect choice”.

Having sold the UK’s first Fuchs MHL 375F into J Denham Metals, Blue are confident that the machine will be a popular edition to its material handler offering, with several benefits available to a variety of customers operating within different industries and applications.