The Purple Bulb Strengthening African women's individual and collective leadership capacities and forming strategic partnerships to tackle patriarchy and attain gender equality

Dear Reader, think about what would happen if the leadership capacities of fearless young women were enhanced - the foundations of patriarchy would be shaken!

AMwA is delighted to share her journey over the past three months with you in this latest edition of the Purple Bulb. We celebrate Stella Mukasa and her contribution to the fight for women's and girls' justice in Uganda and Africa. In July, we added 28 fearless young women to our pool of feminist and transformative leaders under the TuWezeshe Akina Dada project. Using feminist lenses, AMwA has continued to strengthen feminist research on women's land and property rights. We are building a movement of AMwAzons to influence policy and governance at different levels. Dig in, and enjoy these and more!

AMwAzons Meet Select Committee On Inquiry into Allegations of Sexual Violence in Institutions of Learning in Uganda, Submit Recommendations For Institutions of Higher Learning

Following Honourable Anna Adeke Ebaju's motion for a resolution of the Parliament of Uganda to inquire into allegations of sexual violence in institutions of learning, a committee was constituted to do just that. Akina Mama wa Afrika was invited to make submissions to the Select Committee On Inquiry into Allegations of Sexual Violence in Institutions of Learning in Uganda and share the lived experiences of young women as found in our baseline study on sexual violence at institutions of higher learning in Uganda. Our AMwAzons were part of the process, find the full submission here

Introducing the Knowledge Hub: A Space for AMwAzons to Unpack Issues and Develop Knowledge Using a Feminist Lens

If you knew then what you know now, would you have done anything differently? In August, Akina Mama wa Afrika opened up her weekly intellectual muscle building sessions to the AMwAzons - our cadre of young women feminist leaders equipped to advance justice for women rights in Africa through the African Women’s Leadership Institute. The session code-named the Knowledge Hub is part of a series long of deepening the AMwAzons knowledge and advocacy skills and will be a space of sharing ideas and acquiring skills to effectively influence key stakeholders, politicians, and policy makers around key feminist and women’s issues in Africa and the world. Integrated into this initiative is that the young women leaders will disseminate and spread the knowledge they gain. This is what happened at the first hub.

Improving the Rights and Amplifying the Actions of Young African Women in Their Fight Against All Forms of Gender-Based Violence

Forget your everyday workshop. When over 30 courageous and trailblazing young women from different backgrounds get together in a safe space to share and reflect on women’s lived experiences of Sexual and Gender Based Violence, feminism is reaffirmed and the foundations of patriarchy are shaken! Seeking to improve the rights and amplify the actions of young African women in their fight against all forms of gender-based violence, Akina Mama wa Afrika with support from Comic Relief and in partnership with the Foundation for Women’s Health Research and Development (FORWARD) and the Sub-Sahara Advisory Panel (SSAP) held a vibrant five day training for 28 young women to deepen their knowledge and skills and cultivate a pulsating movement of young feminists. Right from the moment they walked in, one could feel the young women’s energies in the room, brought together by one ache: inequality. This training was different, find out how here.

I Dream Of A Day When Teenage Girls Stop Using Hangers to Abort

Do you believe that one day we shall get there? That we shall get to the point where there are no more stories of young girls carrying out abortions with hangers, where consensual sex is the only sex that is accepted, where both females and males are given the autonomous right over their sexuality and to sexual, reproductive health, and pleasure. We do, and it starts with us! READ ON.

Civil Society Organizations in South Sudan Celebrate 15 Years of the Maputo Protocol: Commit to Accelerate Full Realization of the Protocol

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the groundbreaking human rights instrument: the Maputo Protocol. How did you celebrate this milestone? With South Sudan being one of the latest countries to ratify the Protocol, AMwA joined STEWARDWOMEN to commemorate the anniversary. There was celebration, reflection, awareness creation and more!

The Hike and Slope of Wanale: My Hiking Experience Breaking the Stigma around Menstruation in Uganda

Every year, Raising Teenagers Uganda organises a charity hike for the Girl Child in Uganda with an aim of fundraising for the purchase of sanitary towels and other menstrual hygiene products. This year was no different with a team of young activists climbing Wanale peak in Eastern Uganda to create awareness and break Stigma around Menstruation. Among these were some of AMwA’s alumnae who joined in engaging girls in the surrounding areas in sensitization sessions about menstruation and distribution of reusable sanitary towels. Here is a hiking experience shared by Patricia Kajumba, a Tuwezeshe 2018 fellow passionate about enabling young girls and women explore their potential and become great leaders.

AMwA Launches Feminist Research on Securing Women’s Land Rights in the New Wave of Land Acquisitions in Malawi, Swaziland and Zambia

In Africa, land is a critical tool of production and remains a social asset that is central to political and financial power, cultural identity and decision making. Yet often, land rights are not shared equally between men and women. Women’s customary land rights are more vulnerable. Even where customary tenure systems recognise land rights of both men and women women’s names are rarely on the documents, making them more vulnerable to losing their rights. We carried out a study on women's land rights in Malawi, Swaziland and Zambia. These were our findings and recommendations.

Stella Mukasa: A Legacy in African Feminist Organising

It is impossible to speak about Akina Mama wa Afrika (AMwA), the African Feminist Forum, the Uganda Women’s Movement and the Uganda Feminist Forum without mentioning Stella Mukasa. A feminist, lawyer and activist with over 20 years of experience spanning government, international development, and academia, Stella undoubtedly espoused feminist principles in the different spaces she participated in and to say that she lived a rich and fulfilling life is an understatement.The African and Uganda Women’s movements are devastated by the heartbreaking news of her untimely passing as she has been at the forefront of the battle for women’s rights on the continent. She founded one of the very few Feminist Consulting Groups in Africa – Nordic Consulting Group (U) Limited. At the time of her demise, Stella was employing all her energies fighting for women’s justice through research as the Regional Director for Africa at the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW). Join us celebrate Stella's legacy

#MeToo: "Why Did You Let Him In?" and Other Reasons We Should Put an End to Victim Blaming

When it comes to rape and sexual assault, society is hardwired to put the blame on the victim. Women are asked why they wore what they wore or went to the bar they went which all comes back to men's urge to control women and normalise rape culture. AMwA together with our AMwAzons seeks to add her voice to the millions of women seeking to put an end to victim blaming through various ways such as influencing the Sexual Offences Bill in Uganda. You too can join us, here.


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