APP JOURNAL By Hector villarreal


Facebook: I downloaded Facebook because, I wanted to know what was going on with my friends, and Facebook also helped me find new people.

Whatsapp: I downloaded WhatsApp app because, It helps me talk to my friends and make groups of friends. Whatsapp is very useful because you can stay communicated with your friends and family whenever and wherever you want.

Instagram: I downloaded Instagram because, It helps me see interesting photos and It also because I can upload my own photos. Instagram is ver interesting to me because I get to see pictures of my friends, artists and besides, of my family.

Netflix: I downloaded this app because, whenever I get bored I like to watch movies on my cellphone or T.V. Netflix is very useful in my opinion because you can see movies anytime.

Spotify: I downloaded this app because I love to listen to music. Spotify is efficient because I can listen to music at anytime as long as I pay a monthly subscription.


I would make and app for people that can speak very well. This app would work similar to a traductor but the app will get what the person is saying and say it for them in a more clean fashion. So everybody could understand what the person is saying


In my opinion this apps were downloaded by people above the age of 8 who understand more about phones and cellular devices. In my opinion all these apps meet the needs people need because they are all simple to use, and everybody stays communicated.


The apps i chose are really easy to use because everything is explained and everything is made so kids and adults can us it with such simplicity.


What problem or purpose does each of them address? Can the problem or purpose really be solved with an app? I think that my app will enable athletes improve their physical performance.

Can the problem or purpose really be solved with an app? If the athletes use it accordantly there could be an improvement in the physical aspect.

Will your app will be disruptive? It wont be disruptive.

What can your app do better than any other app? It will be an application that helps the athletes improve in their sport.


My application will make athletes improve their physical performance, they will be able to improve what they chose to practice on, depending on what sport they chose, they will be bale to improve in that specific sport. They can contact even contact professional coaches for any questions, and they will be able to ask them if they have any unique exercises for them.

I plan to make this app because athletic people are the future of Mexico, and therefore having good healthy states is a good start to a healthier country.


Boogiebot http://imageshack.com/a/img922/8255/pX5dSb.gif

What we are going to use in our app is going to be a touch screen, and an interactive page in which people are going to be able to see how the exercise is done


In my app I am going to implement a feedback system. What is a feedback system? Feedback occurs when outputs of a system are routed back as inputs as part of a chain of cause and effect that forms a circuit or loop. The system can then be said to feed back into itself. So i am going to apply this just in case the application fails and this will enable us to fix the bug immediately, I will also put a punctuation for the user to feel motivated to use the app, besides that the user could customize the color of the app and arrange things, so they feel comfortable.

To use the app, the app will ask the user to register and fill in all the details it asks, this will be required to have a better experience, however, the app can be used offline.


Things I would improve:

I would put it free to the public instead of costing. I feel like moving around or browsing the app can get a little complicated, so I would improve the way the tools are arranged so that it is easier to use and so that the user feels more comfortable.

What people are looking for in this app is that they will eventually improve in the sport, so the would be able to print out their exercises, as well as task reminders are displayed in days, not numbers. This will help people remember when their work out days take place.

Yo y mi compañero de equipo no sentamos una tarde y empezamos a buscar en el App Store si había o existía un app de ejercicios que se te daban para mejorar en algo y, si, encontramos varias apps que trataban de eso, pero en sí, las apps no tenían ejercicios especiales para algún deporte en el que tu quieras mejorar. También buscamos sobre apps scouts y sucedió lo mismo, existen apps que tratan sobre eso, pero ninguna tiene la misma función que la nuestra en tener ejercicios específicos.


¿Qué principios de diseño utilizará mi app?

Clarity: Se usara clarity en nuestro app ya que los textos y los iconos que tendrá nuestra app serán lo mas claros possibles y así los usuarios podrán reconocer lo que están viendo y sera mas fácil navegar travez del app.


¿Qué apps tienen iconos atractivos? ¿Qué los hace atractivos?

Para mi en lo personal, los iconos que se me hacen más atractivas son iconos como los de Instagram, Snapchat, y Twitter. Ya que tienen colores vivos y brillantes y en lo personal hacen querer descubrir de que tratan y que esconden en su interior.

¿Qué app me envolvió desde el momento que la empecé a usar? ¿Por qué?

Snapchat y Twitter fueron unas de las apps que desde el momento en las que las instalé me gustaron mucho. Ya que su diseño y su manera tan práctica y fácil de manejarse hacían la app aun mas divertida. Eso fue lo que me gustó mucho de estas apps, para mi gusto son unas de las mejores en el app store.



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