Jonas the receiver of memory

My name is Jonas.

I have been selected to be the receiver of memory. I can not afford to any mistakes during training. I asked my parents about the failed receiver 10 years ago. they told me it was a girl and they never saw her again after the failure.

why are we given numbers?

I am now the receiver. he is transmitting the memory of snow at first I only feel his him touching my back I lost a attention then I shivered, his hand were cold my entire body was cold.

i chose this picture because the world sounds plain like the book describes exept for the red mentioned in 3 parts hair, apple and rose/flower.
my word cloud

message from the author is no society is perfect in any way there is always a obstacle in the way for example when Jonas saw the good memories he thought it was a good world but when he saw the bad visions of war and murder he thought the world was evil. when he saw the people down off the island in the forgotten he thought this is what the world should be like with color and real things.

the giver
Jonas and fiona
the island


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