Part 1 — Dinner Prep: Chicken piccata and chocolate cake for a very special guest STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBERT NEFF

Aug 16, 2017. My CondoSeniors had a nursing home visit the following day. This prevented them from prepping for dinner the next night. So the chicken piccata and chocolate cake were made the day prior to dinner.

What a great day hot summer day in St. Pete for my CondoSeniors to be baking and cooking inside the condo.

They spent the morning making chicken salad, but were short avocados. So the sent me to the store to grab a few.

While I was gone, they pounded the chicken in peace, free of my camera.
Great lunch.

Next, they sent me to get everyone's mail.

But that was just a clever trick to bake the cake. They didn't like that I thought that looked like a puppy dog leaning over the edge.
They punked me with the bottle of glaze form the store.
They sent me to the Mazzaro's Italian Market to pick up fresh bread. I wasn't sure which one to get so I bought two different breads.
When I returned they had made the chocolate glaze. They let me have the spillage.
With years of practice, my CondoSeniors know how to make items like an optical illusion so I won't notice it. At least, that is what they said this time. Actually, they just took the chocolate cake to another condo unit so I would not find it.
The chicken piccata had been browned and put in the refrigerator.
My CondoSeniors allowed a supervised visit to see the chocolate cake.

Part 2 — Dinner Prep: Chicken piccat and chocolate cake for a very special guest

Part 3 — Dinner: Chicken piccata and chocolate cake for a very special guest

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Venice, Italy. 2007

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