Tiger Tales Stories from Distance Learning and Beyond | March 2021

In the past month we've welcomed our secondary learners back into buildings and spent significant time enjoying the early spring weather. Learners are engaging in Science Fairs, Book Fairs, music concerts and more - both in person and virtually. This is a snapshot of activities happening in our community over the past few weeks.

Getting Creative!

Farmington Elementary distance learners engaged in some outdoor artwork on a warm day.

Farmington Elementary 5th graders made some delicious looking pieces of cake in art! Seriously, can you believe this isn't actual cake?

Before the spring rain began, Riverview Elementary 1st and 2nd grade multiage had fun finishing up their unit on mapping and landforms by creating islands with five or more landforms outside in the snow.

At Meadowview Elementary, creativity was flowing in Ms. Sieben's kindergarten class with these marshmallow creations!


Dodge Middle School learners put their computer coding knowledge into practice with Spheros, building critical thinking and communication skill. 

North Trail elementary 3rd graders learned valuable communication skills, focused on how to share their feelings from their Student Advocate.


At Meadowview Elementary, Ms. Tucker's class created new games together at recess.

Mr. Terhaar, a Dodge Middle School Math Teacher, shared the above picture with the caption, "Minnesota math: 37 degrees + sunshine = going outside."

Books & Research

Elementary learners recently had the opportunity to vote for the Star of the North Picture Book Award. Some classes voted online and some in person. Riverview Elementary learners are pictured casting their votes above.

North Trail Elementary 2nd graders took a virtual tour of the Farmington Library with Cathy Maguire.

North Trail Elementary 4th graders used research skills in preparing for their Wax Museum project. For this project each learner researches and prepares a presentation about an historical figure.

In celebration of Black History Month, 2nd grade teachers at Akin Road Elementary School created a bulletin board featuring posters of prominent Black Americans. The posters included QR codes which linked to The Britannica School website where learners could research and learn more about each person. This board was located in the commons and students from all grade levels used it throughout the month.

Science in Action

Elementary learners across the district recently had the opportunity to participate in this year's science fair. It might look a little different but it's still a great opportunity for learning and a great accomplishment!

During the first week back in a hybrid learning model,. Dodge Middle School 8th graders processed some pandemic emotions while practicing a science competency—graphing!

At Meadowview Elementary, Ms. Simonson’s 4th grade class worked on coordinate planes in math. To celebrate a successful week of learning, they practiced using their coordinate knowledge playing Battleship.

FHS Activities Highlight!

Congratulations to the Farmington High School Gymnastics Team on winning the South Suburban Conference Championship!

Thank you to everyone who shared a Tiger Tale! Look for more in the latest School Reporter and in another issue of Tiger Tales soon.