The Story of Cohort 132 a fairytale

Once upon a time, in the land called Toronto (otherwise known as the 6ix), lay a beige rocky building. This place was known as "OISE."
Young men and women came from fair and wide to learn and train in the most noble of professions: teaching.
One particular group was specifically chosen to be part of a special cohort. Their group was so extraordinary that their real name is still unknown to this day. They were known publicly under the alias, J/I 132.
One day, the cohort was going about their normal schedule, when Mr. Research Project appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. He manically laughed, announcing, "You all think you can be teachers? Not if I have something to say about it! You'll never pass year one! Muahahahaha."
The class gasped, as Ray exclaimed, "No! This can't be! There must be something we can do!" "The only way you will pass year one, is if you complete my tasks. The first, is the dreaded Annotated Bibliography... But this is no easy task. You must read for HOURS!" Sadaf laughed, and said, "Jokes on you! We love to read!" So the cohort got quickly to work.
The class worked long hours and got very little sleep. Mr. Research Project, realizing that the cohort was almost finished his task, broke all of the OISE elevators in a panic to try to slow them down!
However, nothing was going to stop Cohort 132. They had their secret weapon, Angela, to help them out!
Eventually, despite Mr. Research Project's many attempts to stop them, the cohort finished his task with flying colours. Mr. Research Project was devastated. "NOOOO!!" "I'll get you next time, Cohort 132!"
The cohort exclaimed with joy, and took a well-deserved winter break. They enjoyed their peace and quiet, and almost forgot about Mr. Research Project and his fearful antics. Until January....


Created with images by bksutherland - "Ontario Institute for Studies in Education" • Hans - "rocca garba mountains summit" • PourquoiPas - "business hard working autonomous" • silviarita - "cup red chocolate"

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