3D Design for Educators Jorge Santiago

Week 1

​Adobe Dimension CC is a lot buggier than I expected.

I found myself having a hard time manipulating some of the images on the plane. I was successful at creating 3 objects and manipulating them.

I went with the theme of rollercoasters. Its funny how theme parks can now transfer ride images to shirts, mugs and key chains. I figured it would be interesting to transfer the image to a bottle, a can and a box.

It was a lot harder working with assets from the market. Some of them don't place in certain objects. I was also unable to publish the second document I made in Dimension, so I ended up exporting it as a PNG file.

2nd 3D scene - Adobe Stock images from the market.

Even though I get the basics of Dimension, I feel like its not as user friendly as most other Adobe apps.

Week 2 - Object, Environment, Lighting and Camera Views

​This is by far the hardest assignment I've had in these EdEx courses.

I definitely made sense out of the 3D objects, the environment, the lighting and XYZ plane. I was very confused by the camera view bookmark feature. It seemed every time I made a change in one camera view that it would affect the other bookmarks I previously made. The experience does not feel very intuitive.

Final image

For my final image I chose to do a blimp object (https://free3d.com) in a bright blue sky background image. I applied a cloth texture image to the blimp, a logo and some text. I played around with color and lighting and 3 different camera angles.

Final Reflection

This was an interesting course. I never thought of 3D design as something separate from 3D animation. I really do see the value in mocking 3D objects in various environments. I think Dimension has a lot of potential, but I found myself struggling with a lot of the technical limitations of this new app.

I’m excited to see how they improve some of the features, in particular the camera views. I wanted to really like the camera view bookmarks, but found it irritating that my original camera views changed every time I clicked on a new camera view.

All in all, it does have a lot of potential. I can see this being a fun educational tool for the classroom.

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