We are down to the final week of school. This will be my final Wolf's Howl for the school year. Have a GREAT summer!!!


Mr. Kolbe’s Class

Neil Andrews, Jaden Anton, Rachel Asirvatham, Chloe Avis, Mason Bui, Karina Dhanhoa, Natalie Duong, Ava Eubank, Kaydence Frailey, Marcus Freeman, John Gergis, David Ienciu, Jack Kelly, Nikhita Kowsika, Sophia Landis, Erin Lee, Joseph Mendrick, Ethan Rem, Emmanuel Robinson, Curtis Sanders II, Leah Tantengco, Baylie Tull, Charles Warren, Marlien William, John Wong, Sophie Wressell, Trisha Wright

Mr. Lawson’s Class

Avery Appledorn, Jessica Benyamin, Madison Bloom, Kara Crepeau, Krish Desai, Noah Desmond, Kayleigh Freeman, Dawn Garza, Luke Giorgi, Addison Gutow, Hussein Hashem, Tayef Mahmood, Mariam Mandwee, Sydney McBride, Mehran Muhib, Anthony Najor, Michelle Nartey, Avery Pulford, Philip Saumuel, Bianca Segura, Umayr Siddiqui, Aaron Stachura, Myrna Stephan, Mohammed Uddin, Ozair Yahya, Kayla Yousif, Nathan Zerilli

Ms. Schwarz’s Class

Evelyn Apahidean, Kaidyn Biedul, Nathan Carrier, Peter Chu, Caroline Cubitt, Nicholas Gebal, David George, Robert Gerasimovski, Kevin Hartwell, Jake Heugh, Vanessa Hunt, Jessica Jansen, Emma Leitheiser, Adelia Lombardi, Christian Palushaj, Faith Phillips, Kate Sajonas, Makenzie Sawyers, Matthew Schwiderson, Riya Shah, Parker Sinutko, Emily Snider, Mariam Solomon, Shane Stedman, Anna Trupiano, Evan Watson


The Fifth Grade Recognition ceremony and reception will be held at Wass Elementary School on Thursday, June 15, at 8:45 a.m.


Our final Wolf Pack lesson of the year took place on Thursday. Students participated in team building activities as they encouraged each other displaying our core values of the Wass Wolves’ Way. Fifth graders were honored by allowing them to share their favorite Wass memory. Each Wolf Pack made a graduation tunnel to honor the fifth graders that have been a part of their same Wolf Packs for the past 5 years. It’s hard to believe that this year’s fifth graders have been a part of 45 Wolf Pack lessons over the past five years. All members of the Wass Wolf Pack reviewed our learning of the 5 Energy Bus Rules. It has been an AMAZING year of riding the Energy Bus with our students. Here's a review of the journey that our students have been on with the Energy Bus.

  1. Create a Positive Vision.
  2. Fuel Your Ride with Positive Energy.
  3. No Bullies Allowed.
  4. Love Your Passengers.
  5. Enjoy the Ride.


The Wass Family Picnic was a great family event. It takes a lot of planning and preparation to make this community event go well. Thank you to all of the volunteers that made donations, served at the event, or set up for the evening. This event couldn’t go on without your support. I would like to especially thank Sandra Guilbault for chairing this event this year. This was her first year taking on this role and we are grateful she has stepped up in this large volunteer position. Our community benefits from this event greatly and it adds to our positive school culture. Thank you, Sandra!

Support your child as the end of the school year approaches

By May, some kids act like summer vacation has already started. They “forget” their homework. They stop giving their best effort and start avoiding anything that seems difficult or challenging.

But the school year isn’t over yet. Kids need to stay focused on learning until the last day of school. Here’s how to help your child:

  • Review old homework papers, quizzes and tests. Use them to talk with your child about how much she has learned this year. Having these papers close at hand will also be useful as she studies for end-of-year tests!
  • Shape year-end learning around your child’s interests. If she has one more book report due, suggest she choose a book on a topic she loves. If she has a social studies project, she should focus on something she is interested in learning about.
  • Help your child manage her end-of-year projects. Long-range assignments can be overwhelming. So, in addition to helping your child break a big project down into smaller steps, encourage her to apply this rule of thumb: Move the deadline for finishing any big project earlier by two days. If a report is due on Wednesday, your child should plan to get it finished by Monday. That way, she’ll have a cushion if (OK, when) something comes up!

Reprinted with permission from the May 2017 issue of Parents make the difference!® (Elementary School Edition) newsletter. Copyright © 2017 The Parent Institute®, a division of PaperClip Media, Inc. Source: D. Goldberg, The Organized Student, Fireside Books.

fifth grade band & Orchestra school concert

The Wass fifth graders performed for all our students and staff at a school assembly on Wednesday morning. They were outstanding! The students in the crowd were clapping and keeping rhythm throughout the entire performance. Students in grades K-4 were able to see and hear strings and band instruments played and begin thinking about what instrument they would like to try when they become fifth graders. It's amazing to hear the improvement from our students from September to June.

Help your child maintain a love of learning all summer long

Even if your child complains about school, chances are he likes learning. Here are some ways to maintain your child’s interest in learning all summer long:

  • Make time to talk. Studies have shown that kids whose families have frequent discussions about many subjects tend to have higher IQs.
  • Build on your child’s interests. For example, if your child loves playing the guitar, read books about the instrument, go to a free concert, or encourage him to write to a famous guitarist.
  • Try a new activity you can do with your child, such as a sport. Choose something he’s excited about. Show how interested you are in learning and improving—and that you never give up.
  • Become tourists in your own town. Try to see your town through fresh eyes. Check out an exhibit at a local museum or library. Explore a different trail at a local park.
  • Set an example by learning more about the things you love. If you enjoy cooking, take a cooking class, check out a cookbook at the library or try a new recipe. Invite your child to help.

Reprinted with permission from the May 2017 issue of Parents make the difference!® (Elementary School Edition) newsletter. Copyright © 2017 The Parent Institute®, a division of PaperClip Media, Inc.


Help us earn money for the Wass PTO with the shopping you regularly do for your family. The Wass PTO continues to participate and benefit from the FREE Kroger Community Rewards Program. It is time to go on-line and re-enroll. Please go to to continue earning donations for Wass Elementary School PTO. Our group is listed as “WASS ELEMENTARY, org #82678. If you haven't enrolled yet, please do so to help the Wass PTO – it’s the easiest fundraiser you will ever be asked to join! We earned over $3000 from Kroger Rewards this year, but we can't continue or increase our donations without you enrolling. PLEASE share this with grandparents, family members, and friends to benefit the Wass Wolf Pack.


Class parties for students in grades K-4 will begin at 11:15 on Thursday, June 15. Parents working the party will be able to enter the building at 11:00 AM to set up for the event. Class parties for 5th grade will take place on Friday, June 16. Our building policy is that we don’t allow shaving cream, silly string, or water balloons at the end of the year class parties. We appreciate you adhering to this policy. Thanks for all that you are doing to celebrate the end of an outstanding school year.


On the last day of school, it is a Wass tradition that we honor our fifth graders being promoted to Larson Middle School by creating a path / tunnel of students and parents at the front doors as we “Cheer” them off. You are welcome to join us if you can. We will begin lining up by the front doors at 12:00. All students will be dismissed from the front of the building instead of their classrooms at 12:17. Teachers will remain with their students until everyone is picked up. A special thank you to Mr. Iaquinto for being our volunteer DJ for this event.


If your child has medication or an EpiPen in the school office, please make arrangements to pick the items up on or before the last day of school. We cannot send medication home with your child. All medication will be properly disposed of if left unclaimed.

Monday - Chicken Drumsticks, Cheese Pizza, or Garden Salad

Tuesday - Chicken Nuggets, Soft Pretzels, or Cheese Nachos

Mr. Matt Jansen - Principal - Wass Elementary

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