The Florida Muesum of Natural History Alexandra Miller

Nature on display

My favorite exhibit in the museum was the butterfly exhibit. I visited the museum on a rainy day so the weather really added to the tropical rainforest feel. As we walked around outside, butterflies flew around us. It was really neat watching them up close and seeing so many different types of butterflies. In fact, a lady came out to release the butterflies while we were inside the exhibit. She gave a presentation on all of the different types of butterflies and at one point, she released a moth that flew right at my face. It was a good time.


Nature and Ethics

I felt the way Leopold wanted us to feel when I walked around the artwork. There is nothing like walking around vast museum looking at amazing pieces of artwork. As I walked around, I could not believe how thankful I was to be doing something other than reading a textbook for class. Nothing beats doing something interactive and fun for school. This appreciation definitely added to the excitement I felt as I walked through the museum. The museum allows visitors to walk alongside many butterflies outside. It was so neat to see the butterflies up close and feel the connection with nature. I felt a sense of appreciation for nature and the world around me. I really saw how important it is to care for nature and respect it when the lady came outside and showed us the butterflies. If we want to keep the world full of beautiful creatures, we need to respect the nature we have today.

Inside the butterfly garden

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Florida museum of Natural History helps us branch outside of our daily lives as students. Most students are attending classes or studying at the library mid-week. However, attending the museum allowed me to put my to-do list behind me and do something fun. I explored the museum with a mindset of enjoyment. I was not looking around for pictures of my assignment, but rather for pictures of things I liked. I really liked the frog exhibit as it was filled with many frogs and even some meaningful quotes. The best one said, "Maybe you understand frogs, and maybe you don't understand 'em: and maybe you've had experience, and maybe you an't only a amature." -Mark Twain In other words, everyone who walks into the museum has different levels of experience with frogs. Some people might be experts who study them where as the majority of just know them as critters that jump. Overall, I think we all appreciate the unique experiences we encounter at museums that go beyond our typical lives.

A frog that wants to escape

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