Triangle Fire By: Belinda xiong

Frances Perkins

What contributions did Frances Perkins have on the labor law in the Triangle Fire story?Why did she involved in the triangle factor fire?Why did she change the law?Also what happen to the people who died?Let find out what happen.

The fire being in 1911.After a year, Frances Perkins decided make a new law.She also make a fire dill so when it happen again people will know what to do.Also she wasn't the president and she could change the law because she want everyone to be safe when there was a fire happen.

These pictures are Frances Perkins in the office because she is making new laws

Also she involved in this story because she the one who came up a new law because she want everyone to be safe.Also if she don't change the law.People do not know what to do in a fire.She that why she decided to do a fire drill after the fire because to the right way for people to know what are they doing and they rebuilt the building.

This how the triangle fire building look like when the fire is over and when they rebuilt the building

She have the right to change the law because she is doing the right thing for other to be safe.So now in days school will have a practice or fire drill So kid know to do when fire is happening.The law she make is to help other and want everyone to be alive because there only a little people in there city.

Also they those people who died in the day the fire happen they are in a better place now.Also what people do is hang there shirt on something ever high in the place they died.Also they will fold them on the ground.

That why she is make a new law and involved in this story because she is trying to protect everyone away from Fire.Also I could think that she make that because there much be someone very special for her.Like someone she really close to her might died by burn in fire.

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