The Good & The Bad By: Larry hunt, robert stockbower, emely gonzalez, & kevin cruz

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • South Africa: it's stuggles by: Kevin Cruz
  • " Zimbabwean Easter " by: Robert Stockbower
  • " Merry Christmas " by Larry Hunt
  • " Easter weekend " by Robert Stockbower
  • " Christmas Day is here " by Larry Hunt
  • " The Egg Hunt " by Robert Stockbower
  • " Easter to Christmas " by Robert Stockbower
  • " The Easter Bunny " by Robert Stockbower
  • Zimbabwe has Fallen by: Emely Gonzalez
  • " The singing of Christmas " by Larry Hunt
  • " The foods of Christmas " by Larry Hunt
  • " The Christmas Service " by Larry Hunt
  • " Easter " by Robert Stockbower
Made by the students at Central York high school


Most people think that Zimbabwe is the worst country in Africa, do you? Although there is bad things in Zimbabwe, there is also a lot of good things too. In the novel, Now is the Time for Running, by Michael Williams, Zimbabwe is perceived as a very bad country at first. First in the story, the government treats the people very poorly. Later on in the book, the story showed the Zimbabwe people being friendly by always welcoming the two main characters, Deo and Innocent, into their home. Many people in Zimbabwe are disgusted about the recent people in the government because they are treating them poorly by torturing and raping them. Also, many people that are living in Zimbabwe are in poverty and many of them don't have jobs. But not all things there are bad, they celebrate a lot of good holidays like Christmas and Easter Sunday. The purpose of this is to show you that there are bad things in Zimbabwe like poverty and the government, but there are good things in this country too, like the holidays they celebrate. When reading this magazine, you will see various amounts of artistic products. First we you preview Kevin's documentary about how poverty has changed and affected Africa today. Next you will see Larry's five poems that shows you how the people in Zimbabwe celebrate Christmas. Following that, you will see Emely's drawing and explanation about how poorly the government treats the people there. Finally, you will see Robert's six poems on how Easter is celebrated.

South Africa

South Africa

By: Kevin Cruz

Easter and Christmas in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean Easter

By: Robert Stockbower

Every person in Zimbabwe lives for Easter

Let's face it, it's THEIR holiday Nobody gets more happy and joyful for any other holiday

Every kid is racing to find those eggs to see what's inside

Every parent loves hiding the eggs, cooking the food and spending time together

The parents love this holiday so much they start the weekend a little early and skip work Friday

Some families even go to resorts

Everyone has their own unique and different tradition for this special holiday

But all together they celebrate their favorite holiday after the first full moon

Merry Christmas

By: Larry Hunt

Christmas carols sung all day long

Having parties at their home

Rice and Chicken are special foods during Christmas

In the morning, Santa Clause gives children presents

Streets of Zimbabwe are lit up with colorful lights

Traditional European tree in main room

Music playing loudly at their house

Attending church services in the morning

Santa Clause going to the house of Zimbabwe

Easter Weekend

By: Robert Stockbower

I'm just a young boy

My name is Alex Peterwaffle

I'm from Zimbabwe, where we celebrate Easter

My favorite holiday, it starts on Sunday

After the first full moon in spring

My parents take off work on Friday

On Sunday we wake up and go to church

We sing and eat with everyone

We then go to our resort

My whole entire family is there before we arrive

My family is not small, it is as big as Africa

They're the friendliest people in the world

They all make me so much happier and bring joy to my life

I miss them because I don't see them for a whole year

We have our egg hunt

The best part of the day

I always fetch all the eggs

I get so much candy it makes my day one million times better

Then I get my cross buns

My parents make the best cross buns ever

The cross buns are as good as eating 5,000 pounds of chocolate

The cross buns fill everyone up for the rest of the day

We all spend as much time together as we can

We play games such as tag and hide and seek

Everyone has the time of our life

Which is exactly why Easter is our favorite holiday

Christmas Day is here

By: Larry Hunt

The day of Christmas

It is almost here

Country of Zimbabwe celebrates

They celebrate by:

Waking up by the early morning smell

Putting their slippers on

And opening their presents

One by One

Then going to pray for their blessings

During their morning services

At the church

Going home to their

Decorated houses of colorful lights

And traditional smell of European tree

To cook their favorite foods of the holiday

Hot, crispy, and crunchy chicken

With the salty, soft, and melting rice

Beginning to set up the big loud speaker

For people to dance and sing

To the Zimbabwe songs

and the delightful songs of Christmas carols

Everyone dressing in the best clothes

That they got from the presents the received

Early this morning

To show off to their family and friends

Exchanging their Christmas cards

With wild animals of the beautiful country

Finally, Santa Clause of the cold North Pole

Drives around the country of Zimbabwe

To say bye to the country of Zimbabwe

Saying that he will see them next year

End of Christmas

The egg hunt

I search for my eggs

Obviously I find them

Because I'm the best

Easter to Christmas

Easter is our

favorite holiday here

It's just like Christmas

The Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny

Is my favorite person

Greater than Santa

Poems by: Robert Stockbower

Zimbabwe has Fallen

By: Emely Gonzalez

The artwork, "Zimbabwe has fallen", represents how graffiti is being used in Zimbabwe and how the president Zanu-PF angered the citizens of Zimbabwe.

First, I'll explain the flag burning with the lighter under it. The lighter is being held by a hand with the wrist having Zanu-PF tattooed on it. This represents how Zanu-PF destroyed Zimbabwe when he was elected as president. I got the inspiration from an article I read about the things he did to Zimbabwe. In fact it was said that he made the government beat, rape, torture, arson, and forced disappearances. After this happened the citizens believe he has ruined Zimbabwe.

Next, the bus is an example of how the Zimbabwe citizens feel towards their government. The idea came from an article saying that citizens of Zimbabwe attacked a bus filled with the Zimbabwe's national army. They used guns to take it down, so the bus has bullet holes. This shows how much they hated their government when Zanu-PF was president.

Last but not least, the spray can. This is how people in Zimbabwe show their anger towards Zanu-PF. An article I read had stated, "Graffiti is fast becoming a form of expression in the country, as political activists and artists fear to openly express themselves, especially on matters relating to the State and President." So on the poster someone is doing graffiti and they're expressing themselves by drawing the picture of the bus and the flag burning.

Over all, you can see how Zanu-PF and him being president has affected Zimbabwe. Although he is no longer president now, Zimbabwe is struggling to fix what he has done.

The singing of Christmas

Christmas carols sung

All day long in Zimbabwe

Showing they can sing

Foods of Christmas

Eating the best foods

Cooking chicken and white rice

Great foods for Christmas

The Christmas service

Praying for blessings

Going to church in morning

Giving God his praise

Poems by : Larry Hunt


By: Robert Stockbower

Everyone is as happy as a kid on Christmas morning

All family members come together

Skipping work on Friday as an adult is a must

The kids try to find the candy like an eagle trying to find its prey

Eating cross buns and chocolate is a tradition

Resorts in Zimbabwe are filled for the weekend

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