Caleb's Reading Young red Reading/Bule Reading

Building Big Dreams

Context Questions

  1. What is the main purpose of the text?

The purpose of the Building Big Dreams is to inform you uabout the 7 Wonders of World.

2. What text type do you think is?

The text type is

Ancient Egypt

Context Questions

The purpose of the text is to inform you about ancient Egypt.

I think the text is a information text

The 3 clues that make me think this is that there are a lot of real photos, there is a lot of information about ancient Egypt and there is no plot

How to read a information text

Vocabulary Questions

  1. Preseverved meaning the meaning of

Meaning the meaning of preserved is, to treat something in a special way.

Personal Response

1. The thoughts that came to mind were why was the book about Egypt and why were there pictures?

Language Questions

Hundreds of years ago, pharaoh, gods there believed that when someone died that there would have another life and they would need same tools.

Pharaoh, gods

No there no basi words

Gray Wolf

Context Questions

The purpose of the book is to inform us about the Gray Wolves

The text type is a Non-Fiction because it has real photos with caption, it has facts and information, and because it has a glossary.

To read the book you need to know how to read, know how to give things a go and not give up.


Regurgitate : Regurgitate means to surge or rush back, as liquids, gases, undigested food, etc.

Personal Rsponse

The thoughts that came to mind were I want to see a gray wolf and how would you measure a gray wolf.

The things that I wonder after I read the book was where do gray wolfs live, do they live in the mountains

This text reminds me of the time before video games so we would have to play out side and no iPads so we would have to write on paper.

I have learnt that gray wolfs can live in packs of up to 30 which is more then most family's can fit in there house.

Language Questions

Some important facts are during spring the female wolf will dig a brrow and have babies to about 5-9 babies what are born blind .

Some words that are subject are gray, wolf, browses, cubbies and alpha.

No I do not see any emotive language or bias in the text gray wolfs

Changed groups Wednesday

Adaptive Athletes

Personal Questions

The thoughts that came to mind are, would I be able to take part in the Paralympics because of my muscular dystrophy.

The thing I wondered what would happen if the Paralympics were not made.

This text reminds me of the time I watched a clip on the Paralympics.

I leant that there are lots of people with something not right with them.


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