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Holo ai i ka nalu is a community located in Hawaii. Holo ai i ka nalu means "ride the wave." This community is focused on surfing and just living the HI life. Holo ai i ka nalu is pretty much just paradise. The purpose of the community is surfing and living your life to the fullest. The mission statement for Holo ai i ka nalu is "Live your life surfing and having a good time all the time." The motto for Holo ai i ka nalu is "Surfs up"



The government is very strict but not at the same time. Their is one president that is in charge of the community. But the community is also very involved in the decision making with the president. The community gets to vote on any rules the president makes. The president is just there to make sure the laws are being enforced and being followed. This type of government was chosen because we want the community to feel like they have a say in how they live.

Typical day

A typical day in Holo ai i ka nalu is like this. You get to sleep in but have to wake up any time from 10-11. You eat breakfast with your family and get ready for the day. Throughout any time of the day adults have to go to work for 4 hours (they can go for more hours just depending on how much money they want to make) and kids go to school any time of the day for 3 hours. Then you at lunch with your friends or family whatever you chose. Then you go surfing/ or to surfing lessons for at least 3 hours a day but you can free surf longer if you want to. Then for dinner, all your family and friends come together and have a big dinner. Afterwards you can do whatever you want.


1. Adults go to work for 4 + hours a day

2. Kids/teens go to school 3 hours a day

3. You have to surf for at least 3 hours a day

4. No violence/killing

5. Respect others in the community

6. No drinking/No drugs

7. No surfing after 11 pm

8. You need to know how to surf to get into and live in the community

9. You can only use social media for 1 hour day, but you can always have it to call for emergencies

10. No going outside after 11:30 pm.

Persuasive appeal

If your looking to live in a place that is pretty much paradise, Holo ai i ka nalu is the place. This is a family friendly place and is mainly open for everyone. You get to have a good time surfing and having fun with your family and friends. The sun is always shining and is pretty much just a dream. Everyone loves it here and never wants to leave!!!


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