Great white shark by zeven

The color of the shark is blue on top and white on the bottom. The height of a great white is about 15 feet [46 meters] and the weight is 1,500-2,400 lbs. The fin on the top helps the shark go faster, the fin on the bottom helps it balance, and the fins on the side keep it from going in circles. The great white shark works all alone so it has no member for a great white shark.

Sharks do not eat plants they eat meat, which means they are carnivores. Sharks eat seals, fish, stingrays, and crab. If the sharks prey runs away the shark then attacks its prey and swallows it up. They like to ambush or surprise their prey to guarantee a kill. They wait for it to die before swallowing. In one year a shark consumes 11 tons (22,000 lbs) of food.

Great Whites live in all of the five oceans. They live in water from 1 meter to 1,200 meters deep. They like to be in temperate waters. They live in the upper part of the ocean, towards the surface, and close to the shore, where sunlight shines through and prey is available.

Shark have many rows of teeth so if one gets lost another moves up and takes its place. Sharks have about 1,000 teeth. Their coloring helps them blend in with the bottom of the ocean so they can’t be seen from above.

The great white shark is the top of the food chain so it has few enemies. Humans are a sharks greatest threat. Occasionally sharks fight with orca’s and other whales.

Shark have to keep on moving to breathe in the water. Sharks are constantly moving, they do not stop and rest. Did you know great white shark is heavier than piano or that sharks eat their own babies. Sharks can also smell blood from 3 miles away.


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