Assignment brief AUGUST 2017 By Suzanne Tan

Assignment 1: e-portfolio (INdividual) - 30%

Final Piece
  • This assignment requires you to create a progressive journal via Adobe Spark with your own design style.
  • The page serves as a logbook to document the exercises that you’ll be working on weekly as well as the creative process that you’ll undertake in brainstorming your short video (Assignment II) and chat stickers (Assignment III) in separate column on your Spark page.
  • The weekly exercises, your creative process, and the preproduction tasks you undertake will be recorded in your website progressively starts from Week 2.
  • The web content will be monitored weekly, and therefore you have to ensure that your website is constantly updated throughout the semester.


Upon completion of the assignment, you will demonstrate:

  • Your understanding of how creative ideas are generated;
  • Your mastery of formal academic research at an appropriate level;
  • Your ability to apply theory to practice;
  • Your commitment to high standards of professional practice and ethical responsibility

Submission Guidelines

By the end of Week 13, your website shall include:

  • An brief introduction about yourself (e.g. your interest, life goal, favorite sports etc.)
  • A minimum of 4 entries based different graded exercises
  • Submission of “Video”(Assignment 2) with
  • Submission of “Chat Stickers” (Assignment 3) that involves your sketches, moodboard, and final output.

Deadline: 30/11/2017 (Thurs), before 4pm

Homework is a critical aspect of this course and affects a large portion of the class grade. It is crucial that you execute each assignment to the best of your ability.

Assignment 2: PSA Video (Group) - 20%

Work in a group of 3-6, choose ONE (1) topic from the list given below and create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) video that communicates understanding and awareness about the cause and motivates people to take action in their communities, families and their own lives.

Choose a category either.:

  1. Water conservation
  2. Cyber bullying
  3. Texting and driving
  4. Recycling
  5. Education for refugees

Work in a group of 3-6, do research and prepare a mind map and moodboard that best reflects the topic chosen to video content creation. Only then you continue with preparing the treatment for the storyline, setting up the storyboard, video shooting and editing. All the pre-production works as well as the final output shall be documented in your individual page via

Set up a moodboard on your own, which contains images, words or other resources that reflects your video direction.

Create a storyboard containing visual, and text planned for the story sequence

Prepare a treatment/ outline of your proposed story

  • Produce a video output in MOV file format with the length of maximum 1 minute (excluding credits) based on the storyline proposed earlier. The movie file shall be exported with H264 compression for submission.
  • Integrate all copyright, production credits [including producer, director, screenplay writer, script writer (if any), production designer, sound designer, editor and casts], location details at the end of your video presentation

DEADLINE: 23/10/2017 (mon), BEFORE 4PM

Assessment breakdown

Assignment 3: Animated Chat Stickers (Individual) - 20%

For this assignment, you are required to create a set of “Animated Chat Stickers” with SIX (6) designs to illustrate the feelings of sleepy, happy, sad, working, angry and confused. Your chat stickers design shall reflect on theme you chose (e.g. Movies -> superhero theme).

  • Prepare necessary sketches to illustrate the composition of the Animated Chat Stickers by using relevant software such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop
  • The images/ graphics used has to be original, and not extracted from other sources.
  • The final output together with the sketches and moodboard should be uploaded to your website under “Stickers” page.

Each sticker image size shall NOT be more than 320 (w) x 270 pixels (h) with 150 ppi, and RGB colour output. Upload each of the sticker design as separate image and arrange them according to the sequence:

(1) sleepy, (2) happy, (3) sad,

(4) working, (5) angry, and (6) confused

  • Loops: 1-4 loops per sticker whose combined length does not exceed 6 seconds.
  • Please leave a margin of 10 pixels between the trimmed image and the content around it.

Deadline: 25/11/2017 (Sat), before 4pm

Assessment breakdown
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