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  • The four continents- this work of art symbolizes the spread of the catholic church all around the world.
  • The crucifixion of Saint Peter-t. Peter is being crucified. He asked to be hung from his cross upside-down as not to imitate his Lord.
  • Descent from the Cross-in this painting the light shines on Christ’s body, the faithful women who stood by him, and the shroud in which he will return to life.


  • A trillis an ornament consisting of the rapid alteration of 2 notes that are side by side

A grace note is an ornamental note that is usually played quickly before the beat

A turn is an ornament consisting of 4 to 5 notes that make a “turn” around a given point


  • Benedictine valley in the 11th century it was destroyed by a fire

Salzburg Austria a church thats famous here

Benedictine is a library which is after an actual church the most important room in the entire abbey

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