I am really excited to “virtually” introduce each one of you. You will be teaching 3RD grade and I wanted you all to know more about each one of you:

Anita Cabrera

Anita has been working at Colegio Menor for three years. Last year, she was a core teacher in 2nd grade and did an amazing job! As soon as you walk into her classrooms you will notice that all of her students are engaged and having fun while learning. Anita is always trying to do hands on lessons because she truly believes that students learn while playing. This year, we are lucky to have her in the 3rd grade and I know that she will be a great asset to the team.

Cynthia Larrea

This is Cynthia´s second year at Colegio Menor. She has been working as a core teacher in 3rd grade and we have seen the passion that she has for teaching. Cynthia is always putting her heart in her lessons and making different interesting activities for her kids. Cynthia is a caring and passionate teacher who is always looking after her students. Students love her because they can see that Cynthia has the best interest at heart.

Francesca Vitola

Francesca is a our brand new addition to this wonderful team! Francesca comes from Colegio Menor Quito where she has been working for the last few years. She is very excited to move to Guayaquil to learn and contribute to our wonderful school. Her demo lesson with a group of third graders was fun and engaging and I love the fact that she focused on Math. I am sure she will bring a lot to the table. WELCOME FRANCESCA!


Daniela González

This is Dani´s second year at Colegio Menor and in 3rd grade. She is a super teacher assistant who will be able to help and support the team. Dani is a loving and caring person who is always looking after her kids well being. She dedicates her heart and soul in the classroom and is amazing at doing craft materials as well as helping students succeed in the classrooms. We are really lucky to have her as part of our community.

Verónica Paredes

Another wonderful addition to this team! Vero is from Guayaquil and she is 37 years old. She lived in the United States and has been here in Ecuador for a year now. Vero has an associate degree in Early Childhood Education and has a passion for teaching and working with kids. She is super excited and ready to start her career here at Menor learning from all of you and getting ready to become a great Menor teacher. Welcome Vero!

Final but certainly not least…...let me introduce you to a key person in your team. Your Instructional Facilitator, Krizia Loffedo.

Krizia has been working at Menor for the last 3 years. She started as a very effective, caring and super star teacher in first grade for two years. Last year she became the grade 1-7 Instructional Facilitator. Krizia´s job is to aid and help you getting better at your teaching practices. She will help you and guide you with curriculum questions, she will offer demo lessons and will visit your classrooms often to give you constructive feedback and support. Rely on her, use her and take advantage of all her knowledge, love and care she has for teaching, students and staff.

Below you can find the link to our PRE SERVICE AGENDA for next week.

Monday is a full day, we will start at 7h45 and will have a delicious welcome back lunch out of campus

Also on the link below you can find your schedule for this year. Take a look at it.


You can start taking a look at them.

Krizia and I welcome you all! We are very happy to have as part of our Lower School dream team

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