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Food Distribution to Families at Five Mobile Pantry Sites this Saturday |FWISD Superintendent Announces School Closures Until Further Notice | ‘We Miss You’ Parade Connects Glen Park ES Staff, Families| FWISD Launches Social, Emotional Well-being Project To Stay Connected With Community During Closure | A Meal And A Book : Children Receive Free Books at Four “Meals To Go Sites” | Fort Worth ISD Adds 18th Location to Provide “To Go” Meals for Students | FWISD Begins Two-Week TV Pre-K and Kindergarten Campaign for 2020-2021 School Year: Your Child Belongs Here!| Buzz Worthy: Staying Connected | Inside FWISD Briefs |Fort Worth Further Amends Stay-At-Home, Work Safe Declaration for COVID-19| FWPD Issues Statement On Stay At Home Enforcement | Census Bureau Suspends Field Operations Until April 1: Households Urged to Complete Census Online| Fort Worth ISD Snapshot | Community Resources | Stop The Spread| Calendar | View more stories throughout the week on the Inside FWISD Blog

Food Distribution to Families at Five Mobile Pantry Sites this Saturday

The Tarrant Area Food Bank (TAFB) is working with local partner organizations and Fort Worth ISD to provide boxes of food to families this Saturday, March 28, from 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at five mobile pantry sites.

TAFB and its partner agencies will distribute 25-pound boxes of non-perishable food to families at the following mobile pantry sites:

  • Leadership Academy of Como Elementary, sponsored by TAFB partner Como Lions Heart, 4000 Horne St., Fort Worth, 76107, 9 a.m. delivery, Saturday, March 28.
  • Leadership Academy at Maude Logan Elementary, sponsored by TAFB partner Stop Six, 2300 Dillard St., Fort Worth, 76105, 9 a.m. delivery, Saturday, March 28.
  • A.M. Pate Elementary, sponsored by TAFB partner Southside Church of Christ, 3800 Anglin Drive, Fort Worth, 76119, 10 a.m. delivery, Saturday, March 28.
  • Carroll Peak Elementary, sponsored by TAFB partner Greater True Light, 1201 E. Jefferson Ave., Fort Worth, 76104, 8 a.m., Saturday, March 28.
  • D. McRae Elementary, sponsored by TAFB partner Community Food Bank, 3316 Avenue N., Fort Worth, 76105, 10 a.m., Saturday, March 28.

Volunteers are with TAFB partner agencies and will take all necessary safety precautions and employ social distancing during food distribution. Food boxes will be provided to families on a first come, first served basis. TAFB hopes to continue this effort with more food distribution mobile pantry sites on future Saturdays.

FWISD Superintendent Announces School Closures Until Further Notice

“Closed until we can safely bring students back:” Fort Worth ISD Superintendent Kent P. Scribner has issued a special video report in English and Spanish to update parents and students on the cancellation of all on-campus classes.

High school students join Dr. Scribner in the video – virtually – to help get the “stay home” message to their classmates.

‘We Miss You’ Parade Connects Glen Park ES Staff, Families

More than 20 Glen Park Elementary School employees participated in the "We Miss You" Parade across the school’s attendance zone, Monday March 23.

For nearly 90 minutes, employees in decorated cars drove through the Glen Park neighborhood honking their horns, waving to families and expressing how much they were missed, from a healthy distance. Families standing on their front lawns waved and held up signs for the employees stating how much they too were loved and missed.

“There are no words to describe the excitement on the children’s faces when they would see their Glen Park Elementary family. Even community members without students at Glen Park came out and cheered us on,” said Courtney Butler, the school librarian. “It was a joyous event that we will remember for years to come!”

View more photos and video from the "We Miss You" Parade on Glen Park Elementary’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

See more ways Glen Park Elementary is connecting with its families in the Buzz Worthy column below and photos from other campus We Miss You Parades in the Inside FWISD Snapshot.


During this pandemic, the Fort Worth ISD is providing resources to ensure the social and emotional well-being of students, teachers and community members.

In addition to “meals to go” and Learning at Home for students, the District has launched lessons and live social media check-ins for students and teachers and community members focused on social and emotional well-being. The live social media check-ins, patterned after Restorative Practices circles, launched Friday, March 20, 2020, and is facilitated by the District’s Restorative Practices Program in conjunction with the Equity and Excellence Division. The check-in is a way to connect with the community during the District closure because of coronavirus precautions.

“Because we know that this was an unexpected event, and probably for most of our students a traumatic event, and not knowing when there’s going to be an end, we wanted to make sure that we were helping to support families at home through the social and emotional wellness part of it,” said Dr. Dorene Benavidez, FWISD Equity and Professional Learning executive director.

Daily, Restorative Practice specialists will broadcast two brief Facebook Live events in which they check in with students and teachers. The following broadcasts are scheduled at 9 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the FWISD Restorative Practices Community Facebook page.

Links to the live check-ins will be shared on Twitter and Instagram.

A weekly lesson, posted on social media and FWISD’s Learning At Home webpage, will accompany the daily check-ins. The first lesson, made available, Monday, March 23, 2020, focuses on talking to children about the coronavirus.

Up to 10 weeks of lessons – focusing on topics such as dealing with trauma and anxiety; self care; mindfulness; family building; problem solving and staying centered --have been prepared for families and teachers that can continue throughout the spring or when in-person classes resume.

“I think these topics …will be of critical interest and importance to our community,” said Sherry Breed, FWISD Equity and Excellence chief.

Follow the discussion on Facebook at FWISD Restorative Practices Community, Fort Worth_RP on Twitter and FWISD _RP on Instagram. Weekly, lessons will be available on the Learning At Home web page.

A Meal And A Book

Children Receive Free Books at Four “Meals To Go Sites”

Children picking up lunch and a breakfast for the next day at four Fort Worth ISD facilities were gifted free books to take home this week.

The bagged books – distributed at Clifford Davis Elementary School, De Zavala Elementary School, Como Montessori School and Hubbard Heights Elementary School – were made available on a first come, first serve basis.

The free books are made available to children at four Meals To Go sites on behalf of Read Fort Worth.

Meals to Go sites in the Fort Worth ISD will continue to operate as scheduled under the Stay at Home order announced by city and county officials, March 24, 2020, as it is an essential service to the community. For a complete list of the District’s 18 Meals To Go locations and operating times, visit http://www.fwisd.org/mealstogo.

Fort Worth ISD’s initiative –100 X 25 FWTX – sets a goal of 100% of third graders reading at or above grade level by the year 2025. Superintendent Kent P. Scribner is partnering with Mayor Betsy Price and city business officials to lead the community-wide Read Fort Worth initiative. This collective impact strategy engages parents, grandparents, and caregivers as well as volunteers from the city’s business sector, higher education, non-profit organizations, and the faith-based community.


The Fort Worth ISD has added Morningside Elementary School to the “meals to go” sites serving children during the extended school closure prompted by the coronavirus. This brings the District’s total number of feeding locations to 18.

The Morningside Elementary site, at 2601 Evans Street, is serving Monday through Friday from 10 to 11:30 a.m.

The District began with eight locations and quickly expanded to ten, then 17.

The 18th site was added on Friday, March 20. Superintendent Kent P. Scribner asked the District’s Child Nutrition Services Department and SODEXO to establish locations to help replace those meals children receive each day at school.

Each student receives a lunch for that day as well as a breakfast for the next morning.

Meals to Go sites in the Fort Worth ISD will continue to operate as scheduled under the Stay at Home order announced by city and county officials, March 24, 2020, as it is an essential service to the community.

Parents must be accompanied by their children if they intend to pick-up the meals.

View an interactive map of the “meals to go” locations and additional details at fwisd.org/mealstogo.


It’s time to start preparing to register Pre-K and kindergarten students for the 2020-2021 school year, because eventually schools will reopen and children will be back in class!

This week and running through April 3, you will see commercials on local television, or hear information on the radio, regarding this process. You won’t be able to register your student online until April 1. But in order to do so however, you must have certain documents available. Please visit www.fwisd.org and click on FWISD Pre-K for complete information.

In the meantime, watch the TV spot, in English and in Spanish, that will help answer some of your questions.

Buzz Worthy: Staying Connected

Need best school practices? Check out this week’s Buzz Worthy tip!

With schools closed across the country to prevent the spread of coronavirus, staying engaged with students and families virtually is more important now than ever. Away from the physical school, staff at Fort Worth ISD’s Glen Park Elementary has implemented multiple activities to care for their students academically, socially and emotionally. Principal Ellen Verreault offers great tips for staying connected with families during the District closure. If you need additional guidance, email her at ellen.verreault@fwisd.org.

“Our campus initially approached the social/emotional needs of our students and began reaching out to them through our social media platforms, direct teacher to family contact, and callouts from administration. We held a parade [Monday] that we promoted on our social media sites in advance, where staff drove through our entire attendance zone,” Ms. Verreault said. “We have encouraged a sense of community by hosting a virtual spirit week where families and staff participate in a variety of theme days and post on our social media pages. We are continuing those social/emotional practices while moving toward distance learning.”

How It Works

Throughout the day, Librarian Courtney Butler engages with families on Facebook and Twitter, and Kindergarten teacher Laura Beard offers daily tips with fun activities parents can do with their children while at home. Ms. Beard’s daily activities, which she also posts outside her door at home for neighborhood children, were featured in a recent Fort Worth Star-Telegram story. Using Flipgrid, Glen Park Elementary staff members host virtual story time events for families in which they read library books. The events are promoted daily on social media.

“This allows the families to have access to great stories and see a familiar face at the same time,” Ms. Verreault said.


Ms. Verreault offers these three helpful tips for engaging families on your campus:

1. Families love seeing their children on your social media. Find a way to have families participate in your social media instead of just using it to provide information. It help builds your audience!

2. Update your social media frequently to keep your audience engaged

3. Make it visually appealing. Avoid lengthy text. Utilize captioned photos and graphics whenever possible.


“Our social media response has been unlike ever before. We have gained many additional followers this past week,” Ms. Verreault said. “So many parents have expressed their gratitude for our parade and are messaging us to tell us how much they love and miss us. They are sending us daily photos and videos of their children participating in our virtual events. Our virtual story time has had more than 700 views in the past week!

“We are strengthening our school community through our social media, which is very apparent through the interaction and responses we get from parents each day.”

What a great idea!

Want to be featured on Buzz Worthy? Follow these easy steps:

1. Post it on your campus social media page or email inside.fwisd@fwisd.org

2. Provide photos of the impact


EDITOR'S NOTE: Inside FWISD Briefs are quick-hit stories of activities and events happening around the District.

Students Help Students in Resetting Passwords

Students from the the Gold Seal Advanced Media Program at Fort Worth ISD's South High School recently produced videos in English and Spanish with steps for how FWISD students can reset their passwords.

Students still having trouble resetting their password are encouraged to click here for more details.

New Materials Available For FWISD’s Learning At Home

The Fort Worth ISD launched the next phase of it Learning At Home program Monday, March 23, 2020 – grade-level instructional materials for more than 10 content areas.

The materials, aligned with what FWISD students were previously learning in classes and the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills), offer students tools for growing academically while away from the classroom. Read more about the new offerings here. To started with learning, students must follow these 3 easy steps:

Fort Worth further amends stay-at-home, work safe declaration for COVID-19

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following message is from the City of Fort Worth.

The City Council on Thursday unanimously voted to extend an emergency stay-at-home declaration for the City of Fort Worth through April 7 to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

These restrictions remain in place:

  • Individuals are to stay at home. However, individuals may leave their residences for essential travel, essential activities or to provide or perform essential governmental functions or to operate essential businesses. This includes traveling to work at an essential business, traveling for the health of yourself or another person, leaving to get food and supplies or getting outside to exercise.
  • To the extent individuals are using shared or outdoor spaces, they must maintain social distancing of at least six feet from any other person. This does not require a household or living unit to social distance when at home.
  • Essential businesses such as grocery stores, pharmacies and other establishments that sell household goods will remain open but must enforce social distancing. A list of essential and non-essential businesses is below. (For specific information about businesses, call 817-392-8478 or email Covid19@FortWorthTexas.gov.
  • In-house dining at restaurants is prohibited. Restaurants with or without drive-in or drive-through services; drive-in restaurants; drive-through restaurants; liquor stores; and microbreweries, micro-distilleries or wineries may only provide takeout, delivery or drive-in or drive-through services, as allowed by law.
  • All businesses operating within the City of Fort Worth, except essential businesses, are required to close to the public
  • Businesses that are closed to the public may continue operations consisting exclusively of the following, as long as social distancing of a least six feet is maintained between all employees and contractors during the activities:
  • Performing activities at their own residences (i.e., working from home);
  • Operations necessary to process payroll, maintain security, upkeep, and maintenance of premises, equipment or inventory, including but not limited to the care and maintenance of livestock or animals;
  • IT or other operations that facilitate employees working from home;
  • Facilitate online or call-in sales performed by employees in a store or facility closed to the public;
  • In-store repair services performed by employees in a store or facility closed to the public.
  • All public or private gatherings of any number of people occurring outside a single household or living unit are prohibited. This does not prohibit the gathering of members of a household or living unit.
  • All elective medical procedures are prohibited.
  • If someone in a household has tested positive for COVID-19, the household is ordered to isolate at home.
  • Nursing homes, retirement, and long-term care facilities are to prohibit non-essential visitors from accessing their facilities unless to provide critical assistance or for end-of-life visitation.
  • All in-person worship services remain prohibited, with the exception of worship support staff to facilitate online services.

FWPD Issues Statement on Stay At Home Enforcement

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following message is from the Fort Worth Police Department.

The Fort Worth Police Department has received numerous and false claims across our social media platforms indicating Fort Worth police officers are enforcing “stay-at-home” check points by pulling drivers over and asking for work documentation, etc.

These claims are NOT accurate. The department is not and will not enforce these types of traffic stops. If an officer makes a traffic stop, it will be for an observed traffic violation or for investigation of another criminal offense.

Census Bureau Suspends Field Operations Until April 1

Households Urged to Complete Census Online

The City of Fort Worth is urging residents to beware of people visiting their homes as U.S. Census takers.

The U.S. Census Bureau announced last week that it’s suspending 2020 Census field operations until April 1 to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“The Census Bureau is taking this step to help protect the health and safety of the American public, Census Bureau employees, and everyone going through the hiring process for temporary census taker positions,” a Census Bureau statement issued March 18 reads. “During this pause in field operations, the Census Bureau will continue to evaluate all 2020 Census operations. Should any additional adjustments need to be made, the Census Bureau will communicate these changes broadly and promptly.”

Census takers are expected to begin household visits to homes where the Census has not been completed in late May, following guidance from federal, state and local health authorities, the Census Bureau reports.

Earlier this month, invitations to complete the 2020 Census began arriving in household mailboxes across the country. Americans are encouraged to complete the Census online at 2020Census.gov.

Additionally, the City of Fort Worth is urging residents protect themselves from COVID-19 scams. Read more about it here.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following are recent photos from across the Fort Worth ISD showing how schools are connecting with families during the District closure.

Waverly Park Elementary's Talk With Tiger Teachers Talk Show: On March 18, Waverly Park Elementary launched its daily talk show, Talk With Tiger Teachers Talk on Facebook. Students are given challenges to complete each day at home and encouraged to share photos of the completed challenge on social media for a special prize. Check out the show daily at noon by visiting https://www.facebook.com/waverlyparkFW/.

Virtual Read Aloud Events with Leadership Academy at Como Elementary Teachers: Almost daily, teachers from the school are hosting virtual read aloud events for students. Check them out on the school's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LAComoFWISD/

Community Parades: Multiple Fort Worth ISD schools hosted community parades, Tuesday, March 24 in their neighborhoods to show FWISD families how much they're missed. Here's some images from parades put on by Sagamore Hill Elementary and the Leadership Academy at Como Elementary.

Community Resources

Employee Assistance Program Resources for FWISD Employees

Tarrant Area Food Bank offers Grab and Go Dinners for Children

ACT April 4 national test date to June 13 due to COVID-19. Click here to learn more.

The College Board Cancels March and May SAT Exams

The College Board Addresses AP Exams Impacted By COVID-19: College Board supporting AP students by providing free, live and on-demand AP courses and is developing a new at-home testing option. Click here for more info.


The following graphic from the Centers from Disease Control and Prevention offers tips for preventing the spread of COVID-19

Check www.fwisd.org/COVID19 regularly for District updates

March is Women's History Month

March is Social Work Month

Join the mayor for live virtual updates on the city's COVID-19 response

The Board of Education Regular Meeting, originally scheduled for March 24 has been rescheduled for March 31

Online Pre-K/ Kindergarten Registration begins, April 1

The following events have been canceled or postponed:

The groundbreaking for the expansion of the Young Men’s Leadership Academy (originally scheduled for today) has been postponed.

The Fort Worth ISD Campus Teacher of the Year Celebration (originally April 2) is postponed.

The Pre-K/ Kindergarten Registration and Literacy Fair (April 4) has been canceled

Share your story ideas, successes, calendar items, photos, questions and feedback with us at Inside@FWISD.org. Check the Inside FWISD blog, www.fwisd.org/insidefwisd, regularly updated throughout the week with additional content and features.


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