APRIL 2018

Volume 3, Number 4

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing Oreo cookies—Diane Arbus


Jeffry Booher

Trust fall

Darkroomers is a complex club with a lot of moving parts. Navigating the myriad of competitions, exhibitions, programs and expeditions can be overwhelming and confusing. I take full responsibility.

Darkroomers used to be a simple club

When I joined the club a little over four years ago, the club barely had a monthly exhibition. There was, on average, ten to twelve members who would show up for exhibitions so the club had very few extracurricular activities. Compared to other clubs under the Southern California Association of Camera Club's umbrella, Darkroomers was a sleepy club. We were lucky if we got enough members to participate to compete in the monthly Interclub competition. And programs, what programs? Our monthly presentations were a free-for-all and nobody knew what was going on from month to month.

Over the years, however, our program structure has become more structured, involved and complex. We have regular monthly presentations, quarterly competitions, On Location shoots and Weekend Workshops. Our programming is packed so full that our monthly calendar can be overwhelming—even for veterans of the club. Our complex social schedule is a death-nail, however, for new members who are charged with immersing themselves into the club on their own.

While the club has bylaws, a website, regular meeting announcements, and a monthly newsletter, I have always felt like the documents and impersonal announcements were not enough. A few years ago, I authored the New Member Guide which has helped arm new members with the lay of the land but, still, it was not enough.

I remember a program I entered my sophomore year of High School that paired me, a newcomer to the program, with a veteran who helped shepherd me in so I would feel confident, comfortable and welcomed. I've always thought this was a great way to bring new people into a program and I have been toying with the notion of implementing a similar program for Darkroomers. Which is why I am creating a commission for mentoring new members.

The mentorship program pairs veterans of the club with new members for the first few months of their membership to help them understand the myriad of programs we engage with and the rules and processes therein. No program is perfect but I am hopeful that the personal touch to help absorb new members into the club will make for a more pleasant experience and lasting experience for those who are new to Darkroomers.

In the coming weeks, Janie Anderson and I will be reaching out to some veterans who we hope will make good mentors but I would encourage each of you to consider becoming a mentor. It is our charge to help those who come after us carry the torch of Darkroomers into the future and the mentorship program will light the way forward.

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program news

Daisy by Jeff Booher

Every April Darkroomers hosts a Weekend Workshop on Focus Stacking and this year it is going to be a Focus Stacking Bonanza. It will be Darkroomers leading Darkroomers for the first time in awhile and newcomer, Kim Tiffany, has helped us with flowers to photograph.

You will need a macro lens, tripod, computer, data cable and cable release for this workshop

This is still a limited engagement opportunity and will be staffed by experienced focus stackers. If you're looking to play or learn, there will be something for everyone but you must signup in order to attend.

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Death of a salesman

Darkroomers survived torrential downpours and braved the frigid air. We woke before dawn so we could climb golden mountains of sand in order to capture stunning photos of dunes. And we roughed nearly six hours of driving 20mph just to photograph rocks. Sure, the winds were insane but the photography was just plain crazy!

The crew drove for miles to get the shot and then drove some more just to be able to eat at a Denny's. If you missed the trip then you missed some serious photography but don't be misled. Death Valley is known for good photography but, if you want good food, you did well just staying home. However, if you stayed home then you missed a barrel-cactus of fun!

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May is Architecture month. Our next On Location shoot is a day trip for architecture photography on May 12th. We also have a presentation on May 2nd by local Architecture Photography expert, Anne Garrison.

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The Deadline for entering the San Diego County Fair is Friday April, 13th

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quarterly update

la royale WITH CHEESE

Mule Bender by Jeff Booher

Our first Quarterly Competition of the year is upon us and the theme is A Stranger's Portrait. In addition to the usual rules for print submission, the Quarterly Competition has a few additional Terms and Conditions for entry:

  1. Members may submit up to two (2) prints in each division. (i.e. no more than 2 color prints and no more than 2 monochrome prints.)
  2. Image capture must occur during the quarter in which it will be submitted.
You must fill out an entry form to enter the competition and your work must be hung by the gallery director for competition so please arrive early

For a complete list of rules for the Quarterly Competition see Section 21, "Quarterly Competition", subsection Rules of our Bylaws.

Hors d'oeuvres provided by Jeff so expect shrimp of some-kind...

club news

Junk Drawer

The Cabinet in the Kitchen is filled with Light Stands, Backdrop Stands, backdrops and a bunch of miscellaneous photography equipment. At the April 4th Meeting, we will be holding an Auction where Darkroomers and guests can bid for items individually in the Cabinet. All proceeds will go to the Darkroomers General Fund and will help cover the cost of the banquet and other expenses on so bring your checkbooks. Credit cards will not be accepted so stop at the ATM.

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Water Lilly Papeete Tahiti by David Liebowitz

The first interclub competition of the year was held in March and Darkroomers faired about as well as expected, coming in 3rd place in the overall points scoring.

Congratulations to David Liebowitz whose Water Lilly Papeete Tahiti image did amazingly well! You view the results and read more about the competition on our website.

● ● ●

The next competition is May 15 and we are still looking for entries so please send your images to submissions@darkroomers.com. Images submitted for competition must have been accepted into a monthly exhibition but we are taking anything that has been accepted since you became a club member.

● ● ●

Malayan Tiger by Richard Strobel

The 2017 Interclub Year End Competition awards ceremony is April 28 at 9am. If you won an award or think you won an award then you need to attend the awards reception to have your photo taken and your receive your award. Guest speaker will be award winning photographer and Photonaturalist stalwart, Neil Solomon. If you are not familiar with his work check it out on the Photonaturalist website.

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Pasha Turley

Our judge for April is Pasha Turley. Pasha earned her BA from the University of California, Santa Barbara and her Masters in Art from San Diego State University. After 28 years of full time teaching she was awarded professor emeritus standing from Southwestern College where she taught art, photography, and served as gallery director. Currently she is an adjunct artist-teacher for Master of Fine Arts students enrolled in Vermont College.

Her award winning artwork has been exhibited in over 150 exhibitions and appears in textbooks, magazines, and journals. Pasha is the recipient of numerous grants including a California Art Council grant, Fulbright-Hays Grant, and a San Diego Foundation grant. She has been listed in the World Who's Who of Women and Who's Who Among America's Teachers as well as the Cambridge Who’s Who. Often, she serves as a juror for exhibitions and has acted as an art consultant.

Pasha's other passions include travel and sailing and has owned three sailboats. She has raced or cruised the waters off the coast, not just locally to San Diego, but in Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. She has trekked the back country of Nepal, Brazil, and Peru; backpacked throughout South America; and lived in Mexico, Japan, and Europe.


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Jeff Booher, Richard Strobel, David Liebowitz, Janie Anderson

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