Oceans By: Leah rohe

The oceans are a very beautiful place but you should never drink the water here's why

The Oceans are very important to life on earth. The provide food for some people.

The oceans also provide more than half the earth oxygen which we couldn't live without.

The ocean effects our climate. The conveyor belt cycles of the ocean cause warm water and precipitation to move northward and cold and clear weather southward.

We get many resources from the ocean including minerals, oil, and fish.

These are the five ocean zones Sunlight, Twilight, Midnight, The Abyss, and The Hadal Zone.

The Sunlight Zone gets lots of sunlight so plants grow there. Some animals that live there are, seals, sea turtles, sea lions, manta rays and sharks. 0-656 feet.

In the Twilight Zone there is only a little light. No plants grow in this zone. The animals that live in this zone are, jellyfish, octopuses, and squid. 656-3,280 feet.

The Midnight Zone doesn't get any sunlight. Some animals don't even have eyes here. 3,280-13,123 feet.

The abyss is the second to last zone of the ocean it has zero light. 13,123-19,685 feet.

The hadal zone is the last zone of the ocean. 13,123-19,685 feet.

Manta Rays in the sunlight zone

Squids in the twilight zone

Viper fish in the midnight zone

Hag fish in the abyss

And lastly sea cucumbers in the hadal zone

The farther you go down in the ocean the colder it gets because the lack of sunlight. Same with the pressure except it doesn't get colder it gets heavier because there is more water pushing down on you.

The End

Created By
Leah Rohe


Created with images by tara marie - "Ocean" • PublicDomainPictures - "sea boat clouds" • rhinman - "ocean beach" • tpsdave - "california sunset dusk" • skeeze - "divers scuba reef"

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