Art Remix

William Wegman

I chose William Wegman as an artist to remix because I really admire his love for dogs and how he used humor in his photos to give the dogs such a human-like appearance.

The majority of his artwork consists of capturing his own Weimararners in different costumes and interesting poses. Wegman also worked in the film industry creating work for Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, and Saturday Night Live

Wegman has had a successful career having his dog collections featured in many exhibits, and has also written numerous children's books, including the most famous, Puppies.

Carrie Weems

I chose Carrie as another person to remix because all of her photos seem so authentic to me. This one especially seemed to capture these three girls in a casual but true pose and I think it would be interesting to try an recreate and put a different spin on it.

Weems us considered to be one of the most influential contemporary artists of her time and has been featured in many prestigious Museums such as the Metropolitan and the Guggenheim.

Her motivations stem from her desire to represent family, culture, sexism, class, and politics all through her photography. The majority of her photos are of people in their natural habitats; the series Kitchen Table is one of her most popular.


William Wegman and Carrie Mae Weems

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