English 1030 Zombie Apocalypse Hannah Reach

This week, during English 1030's normal Friday class, the students received quite a shock. Clemson University had been hit by a zombie apocalypse, and English 1030 was their target. As the students were sitting in class, they heard a ruckus coming down the hallway. Before they knew it, zombies were breaking down the classroom door.

This photo was captured as zombies broke through the gates of Clemson University.

Little did they know that the students were prepared. Ms. Chloe Cahill had been training her English 1030 students to survive a zombie apocalypse. She tested them on the art of survival, as well as their zombie slaying technique. When zombies invaded the classroom, this was the ultimate test. The students pulled their machetes out of their backpacks and began to fight.

This is a specialized zombie-slaying machete that the students used in the time of the attack.

One by one, the zombies began to fall. The students were winning the battle, until all of a sudden, something went wrong. A zombie snuck up behind freshman, Hannah Reach, and bit her. Everyone in the class froze, knowing that in a few moments, she would become one of them.

Frightening shot of Hannah Reach turning into a zombie

Stuck with fear, the students were now faced with a moral debate: whether or not to kill Hannah. Remembering what Ms. Cahill had taught them, they knew they must kill her before the transformation was complete. The students all circled around her and chopped her up with their machetes.

Hannah Reach at the time of her death, March 31, 2017

Today, we gather to commemorate the loss of Hannah Reach, a loving friend, ZTA sister, and cat mom. She died with great honor, defending Clemson University from the 2017 zombie apocalypse. We can only hope that her death raises zombie awareness and inspires people to fight zombies everywhere.

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