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Exploration was caused by the Europeans wanting to spread religion. Spain’s goal was to convert the America’s to Christianity. The Spanish thought that saving souls was worth more than saving bodies. This acted as their excuse to everything. They ended up doing a good job with spreading the ideas because we now have lots of Christians in America today. Even though they were doing bad things in the America’s they made this place better. The ways they made it better is new innovations and without those the community today wouldn’t be nearly as good. Because of their ideas we have so much more.

Exploration was also caused by people wanting to bring back new resources to their home countries. They were trying to find spices and sugar. Sugar for them was like gold they were in love with it. The spices were just something that they wanted because Europe was one of the places that can’t really grow them. These things are found in the tropical areas. They thought so highly of spices because the food wasn’t that good and it made it taste better. The same way that most people have spices at their house’s. Spices in old Europe costed tons of money.

Some of the effects of exploration are slavery, new resources, and even new land. Slavery came about when Columbus went to the America’s and found the natives and forced them to work for him. Slavery was very popular for the Europeans, they decided that slavery was the new best thing. The Europeans thought that slavery was okay and they were too lazy to do their own work. The worst of all though is they sold them, which is pretty bad considering it’s not their lives to sell.

Some of the other effects are piracy. Piracy was first started with Spain. They would take over European ships and ransack them. Then they would go back to Spain and sell the things they had found. Then later Europe had started doing the same thing and started killing Spain’s ships. This continued back and forth. This was very effective, because it was much easier to steal someone else’s resources rather than going all the way to the America’s and getting it there.




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