John Pope Noah Blalock

John Pope

John Pope was born in Louisville, Kentucky on March 16, 1822.

John Pope was raised in Kaskaskia, Illinois. Also His father was a Federal Judge and was friends with Abraham Lincoln.

He also graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, in 1842. He graduated seventeenth out of fifty six.

The challenges that he faced was that he was his own worst enemy, and his soldier didn't care about him.

He was a very powerful and aggressive person.

Also he was a very strong Union general.

He was very distinguished in the battle of Buena Vista during the Mexican War. Also was a veteran of the Mexican War.

What is the best thing he did was that he had a nearly bloodless campaign where captured Island Number Ten on the Mississippi River and took 5,000 Confederate prisoners. I admire it because he captured the place without having to shed any blood.

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