We invite you to this first course organized by the area of ​​Original Cultures of the International School of Cultural Well-being. We want to meet and talk with knowledgeable people to connect with the deep meaning of well-being from their territories. We are summoned by the desire to revalue, rescue and understand the ancestral knowledge that leads us to good living.

Special times, special conversations

A one-of-a-kind cycle of conversations that invites you on a journey of self-knowledge through the territories and various ancestral cultures.

Our way of walking

We invite you to a space of respect and open dialogue, where honest and receptive conversation is the means of meeting and traveling. As is the tradition of our school, it will be a space where through conversation with teachers you can connect with the ancestral word.

When we meet, we transfom

We believe that the encounter with ancestral wisdom leads us towards good living to build a common horizon. For this reason we trust in respect, dialogue and sharing, opening the space to the transformations that we will experience in community. Be part of a unique experience.

Who is it for?

To people from the educational field, culture, professionals and students and to all those who seek to enrich their practice through intercultural dialogue.

The journey

Worldview and Well-being

The program is a trip of eight meetings and conversations with experts who will present, from their experience and worldview, the main notions of ​​well-being of their culture.

Programme of Conversations

Every Saturday from September 25 to December 04 10AM (CLT)

Streaming Online through GMEET

The main medium of the course will be Spanish, also interacting with indigenous languages ​​of the continent and English

The journey includes 8 meetings with experts from different territories of the continent and 3 reflective circles with the EIBC team. The territories that we will visit include the Wallmapu, the Amazon jungle, the Andes mountain range, the Caribbean coast and the northern lands.


Maria Gabriela Albuja and José Maria Vacacela, Quechua pedagogues. Adela Marricha Quiñileo, Mapuche writer. Eduardo Ortiz, storyteller from yanesha culture. Ana Choque, Aymara midwife. José Angel Quintero Weir, educator of the Añu and Arawaco peoples. Among others ...

Registration Fees

EIBC Students: US. 175.00

Normal fee: US. 200.00

Check for scholarship possibilities and payment in installments writting an e-mail to culturas.originarias@bienestarcultural.org


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Seats: 20

We continue weaving...


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