From 0 to 70.3 Believe in yourself

2016 was an exciting year, no doubts about that.

Among a lot of changes I decided I want to do a Half Ironman (1.9km swimming, 90km cycling, 21km running), so when I saw it was a date opening in September in Cascais - Portugal I did not hesitate one second, I even had to wait until they open the insciptions. When the signing up day arrived I was nervous but I knew I wanted to do it, just because I'm crazy enought to believe I can do it. I have no endurance base to do something like this BUT, I do have time and a lot of determination.

In the middle of all this crazyness I moved to Portugal (that's why I choose Cascais) and I knew I was at the best place to train for an event like this. Roads for cycling and running, long beaches for running and swimming, hills to practice running/cycling intervals, indoor swimming pools, the best healthy food everywhere and last but not least, Goliaz for strenght training. The best combo ever.

Entre Muralhas trail running - 10k

So I started training, or at least what I thought it was HIM (Half Ironman) training...JA!, until I met a real Ironman! He must have seen I was going on the wrong way..! So he started helping me with my training program. Let's say my training went from 0 to 10 in less than a week! This means waking up at 5am, training twice a day, interval cycling, interval running, transitions, going to races, flat running, hill running, swimming 2km each time, swimming at the beach at 6am, swimming classes in the afternoons... working, and trying not to fall asleep while standing up!! But what can I say... I absolutely love my new life style.

Manta Rota Beach at 6am

So, I went from just running, cycling and swimming 400m, to getting in the ocean at 6 am with feet so cold that you don't feel your toes anymore, going trail running crossing flooded roads, racing up hill with cramping calfs until the finish line, learning 20 diffent swimming techniques at the same time and try to coordinate them all together and not drawn in the middle... yes, I know all this sounds awful, painful and boring, but you know what? Everything in this life has a positive thing. I learnt (and boy I'm still learning!) to deal with pain from cold and cramps and not going home until my session or race is over, I swim slower but learning the right way to do it, time is gonna past anyway so better make it worth it. The rain can't stop you, your skin is waterproof, your clothes and shoes will dry and your phone can go in a ziploc bag, remember when you were 5 years old and you loved going out and jumping into puddles? why not doing it being this old?

In the end, this sessions showed me it's all in my mind, I am the one who decides if I can do it or not.. last week I went to a running race after having a crappy day, did not want to race it, but I have a Coach who believes in me and I didn't want to let him down. If there is something we have and nobody can take you away, is your word, make it worth it, I promised I was going to do it and so I did, and again, another surprise, I beat my own personal time by 9 minutes. He ran with me, he pushed me, but the burning legs, painful ankle and screaming lungs were mine. I sprinted those last 500m to the finish line like my pride depended on that, cause it did.

Quarteira Run - 10k

Yesterday I went cycling, everything went super at the beginning, easy kms passing by... until i started to get mentally tired, could not control my HR nor my mood! I am not like this but I was feeling the lack of energy. I needed to stop and take a break cause the hard part was coming now, up hill... I was offered to stop and being picked up and to get a lift. Not an option. I went out cycling, I was coming back cycling, pain and tiredness was not going to stop me. I have a long ride to my HIM and this is just a part of the process.

After 60km cycling and falling at the end :)

I will show you how, with time and determination you can go from 0 to 70.3 and beyond. Join me during this 9 months of training, laughs, moody days, sore days, great days 🙂

Things are not just going to be by magic, if you don't do your magic first.

Believe in you 💕🏊🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️

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