2021 Taipei Online Trade Mission to Europe June 16, 2021

Facing the pandemic, TAITRA responded quickly to launch online meeting to serve global business community which is currently lockdown. Taipei City Government and TAITRA are here to introduce the following 27 Taiwanese Suppliers, which provide the best quality products to solve your problem and improve your service.

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【Auto Parts】


Since established in 1988, we keep offering high-quality tools and best service to our customers mostly in USA, Asia and Europe. To better serve customers, we continuously expanding and developing various tools and equipment depends on customers ‘needs. Till now, we are offering over 2000 different products to the world. Refer to our professional tools, including LED flash lights, Inspection systems, Auto Repair, Building material, tool boxes and Air tools. In last 3 decades, we always get good reputations from customers not only for the functional and stylish tools but also the service we provided. Recently, we focus on researching and developing more professional equipment which are unique and easy to use. We believe this will help our customers building more convenient and safe working environment.

Our company quality policy was delighted to provide our reliable customers with Profession, Innovation, Service, and Sincerity. As our slogan. “Enrich your life."

Product: 7W LED Work Light, 2486 Industrial Endoscope, NKH1 Thermal Image Camera

【Metal & Machinery】


We are a highly professional company that partners with an extensive group of investment casting foundry, high pressure die casting factories and specializing in Powder Metallurgy (sintering), Metal Injection Molding (MIM), plastic injection molding, machining, and assembly manufacturing, all of which are ISO9001 or IATF16949 certified.

Products: MIM parts, Investment Casting Parts, Die Casting Parts, Sintered Parts, Metal Parts


GATX Industrial Co., was established in 1982, specializing in the production and supply of various pneumatic tools. The GATX and STID brand pneumatic tools produced and supplied by our company are all produced in Taiwan, with excellent performance and stable quality, good after-sales and maintenance services. We have established a good reputation in the Asia, European and American markets. Our company has also passed ISO9001, and all tools are also in compliance with the content of CE & EAC.

Other than the above two brands, we also accepts orders from OEM and ODM. The design of various parts, professional-level performance, strict quality control, and reasonable prices, these are the target we have pursued for 40 years. These are also the most important factor recognized by our customers around the world. Our quality assurance will make your sales easier. Inquiries and comparisons are welcome. Let us have the opportunity to work with you.

Products: Air Impact Wrench, Air Sander, Air Angle Grinder, Air Drill, Air Spray Gun


Established in 1976, Hsin Ho has been a leading manufacturer of Construction Fasteners; including Powder Actuated Tools, Drive Pins, Anchors, Insulation Fasteners, Gas Nails, Threaded Studs….etc. The quality of our products are recognized by our customers around the world, if you are looking for high quality constructions fasteners, please feel free to contact us.

Products: Powder Actuated Tool, Drive Pins, Anchors, Insulation Fasteners, Threaded Studs, Gas Nails


SURUGA SEIKI is a Japan based global leading company who provides Opto-Mechatronics integration solutions since 1964. We served the worldwide tier one customers from several solutions. (1) Mechanical key parts such as motorized stage, actuator, linear motor for machine makers. (2) System level platform such as “optical sensor tester” for high precision assembly quality testing for “smart phone lens, camera module, VCM, motor spinning, semiconductor wafer defects inspection and AR/VR device optical-light engine, 5G/Data center Optical fiber communication TOSA/ROSA tester, and application on “silicon photonics , micro LED and 3D IC package” assembly quality and active alignment systems for heterogeneous packages. (3) Customized automation system based on customer requests.

  1. Manual/ Motorized Stage, Multi-axis controller
  2. Optical communication TOSA/ROSA Active Alignment System (AWG/PLC/SiPh/Lens...)
  3. EtherCAT enabled IoT Stage and Module
  4. High Speed/Resolution Laser Auto Collimator
  5. Lens and Camera Module Precision Optical Inspection System
  6. High Precision Aligner system for IC chip package/assembly
  7. High power laser welding system

【Information & Electronic】


UVengers is a new brand powered by ATrack Technology Inc. (TPEX 6465) in 2020 that aims to provide people with protection against surrounding pathogens through a series of UV-C disinfection products.

UV1 is a hand-held portable UV disinfection device equipped with optimum germicidal effect at 265nm wavelength UV-C LED from Asahi Kasei Corp., a leading Japanese UVC LED supplier. UV1 has been proven to eliminate 99.8% of SARS-CoV-2 in 3 seconds without worries of chemical residues.

  • Rapid and Effective Disinfection - Two 60mW UV-C LEDs emit strong UV light in 265nm wavelength most effective against common pathogens.
  • Smart Protection - Automatic power off when the device is titled over 90 degrees to prevent eye exposure.
  • MIT – 100% designed and manufactured in Taiwan.
  • Extended battery life – 90 mins of accumulated use per full charge.
  • Easy Carry – At 138g, UV1 is lighter than a smartphone.


  • Power Supplies: PDU(Power Distribution Units) and Power Converters.
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi Dongles, Indoor, Outdoor and Wireless CPE and many other, customizable products.
  • Home Utility: Dr. UVC(Epidemic Prevention)
  • Home IoT: Wireless Video Doorbell, Thermal sensing solution.
  • Media: Gaming(Multiple Adaptor), Media storage device, Portable palm projector.


"Transforming Healthcare Through IoMT".

iMedtac focusing on building the next generation of integrated care platform at Digital Health and Smart City solutions with the newest technology of the Internet of Things (AIoT). We can provide both hardware / software and management platform as a Solution Ready Package to System integrator and distributor. The Solution Ready Package can allow SI with use simply customization.

Product: Telehealth Smart Vital Sign Kiosk Station, EPaper for Ward door sign / bed side info. / communication board


“Your Demand, We Integrate Your Trusted Embedded H/W Provider”

Product: Thin Client Mini PC POS System Kiosk All-in-One Medical Cart & Medical Monitor


Perfect Security & Machinery Co., Ltd. (PSM) has established in 1982 and consists of two major departments, the Engineering Service department, and the Research & Development department. In 1996, PSM expanded its business to traffic guidance and parking management devices for large car parks/garage. Our products are successfully installed more than 50 multi-story car parks in Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Slovenia and Czech Republic. PSM has gained its reputation thru 31-years of services to the security industry and large car parks as the best engineering and leading technology provider.

PSM has almost four decades of excellent track records in the R&D, manufacturing and engineering services. PSM manufactures its own products and offers turnkey engineering services to its clients. PSM delivers highly compatible quality products with competitive pricing in the global market. Since 2002, PSM has expanded its services to Asian Pacific and European countries and continuous growth in international clients is expected.

Products: Loop Vehicle Detector, Parking Guidance System


WEDID strives for the healthiness of our nature by utilizing water-power concept to develop environmentally friendly products. We believe it is a practical way to protect our environment.

Products: Tail/Rear Light for Bicycle, Water Power Series, 8W LED Anti-Mosquito Bulb, Portable LED Anti-Mosquito Bulb



AKALI Nano is dedicated to innovation of Nano technology and applies nanotech to develop intelligent coating, Self-Cleaning, Self-disinfecting, Sun light self clean and Self-healing, for building, automotive, personnel care, household, and industrial applications.

Shoe Self Clean Nano Coating: The product is made of a new generation of nano silver and plant extracts. After spraying on shoes inside, the plant extracts can decompose shoe odor and Nano silver particles can be attached to the shoe surface for a long time to prevent shoe odor. Nano-silver particles can enter into the inner layer of the fiber surface as a driving force for their self clean and thoroughly preventing the generation of shoe smell and keeping the shoes clean and hygienic for a long time. This product is water-based green product that does not contain chemicals, traditional shoe powders, and carcinogenic substances. It fully complies with EU and international non-toxic and harmless standards.

Sun Light Self Clean Nano Coating for Automotive: This product is made by AKALI's new generation of nanotechnology by surface treatment and nano-modification of titanium dioxide (TiO2). After sprayed on the surface, nano particles can form an invisible and breathable nano layer, which forms a strong oxidation-reduction reaction when contact with sun light. Under sun light condition, it can effectively decompose toxic volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as formaldehyde, toluene, ethylbenzene, and smoke smell in the car. It can also purify the air in the car to improve air quality. The lifespan of nano coating can be up to 3 years.

【Consumer Electronics】


BIG GOOD DESIGN comprises of a group of enthusiastic and talented designers and sales. We focus on product innovation and R&D and aim to create innovative problem-solving products with cutting-edge technologies and make customer's day-to-day experience better. Our products are highly rated, functional with international recognition.

Products: VAGO portable vacuum compressor, VAGO vacuum bag S, M, L


Established in 1990, Jimmao International Corp. is a Taiwanese company which specializes in customized products. We strive to offer our clients cutting-edge products and unsurpassed service to provide maximum satisfaction. This makes us different from others and moreover, propels our value to the next level. For over 30 years, we have continually taken our clients' demands and feedback into consideration to ensure that we are on the right track of the leading-edge of the industry.

Bionic Cube is a portable, whole room, filterless air purifier that uses the same core industrial grade bipolar ionization technology found in many commercial buildings and hospitals. This simple-to-use device can help purify the air in your immediate surrounding and larger spaces beyond that. And it’s completely ozone-free.


Yo-tronics is a professional acoustic manufacturer that has cultivated in Taiwan for 35 years. Its technical heritage and origins from the YOGA Enterprise Group. It is engaged in the production and research and development of headphones and microphones. It complies with EU CE, SONY GP, RoHS, REACH and other standards.

  1. microphone for Camera, smartphone, pc, Stage, broadcast
  2. headphones for DJ, mixer, monitor, PC and smartphone

【Consumer Products】

16. ATI CO., LTD.

ATI CO., LTD. is founded by a group of design professionals, we position ourselves as a designer, manufacturer and inventor for smartphone accessories, especially for the use of cycling, outdoors and water sports. Our manufacturing facilities are located in middle Taiwan, we offer one-stop manufacturing service for all kinds of soft bags and cases. We aim to make the soft bags that are built to the needs of cyclists, outdoors enthusiasts and bike commuters who do wish to carry their smartphones or tablets the mostly easy way.

ATI is never a mass-production factory, instead, we pay meticulous attention to each product being made. In 2010, we created our own brand “Ride For More” committed to delivery premium quality, refined craftsmanship and originality to our customers. ATI’s fully skilled sewing professionals and workshop designers are the key to the delicate craftsmanship and superior fabrications delivered to each bag we made. In ATI, we do not price to sell, we price to value all details and cares to each bag and case we make.

Products: Smartphone accessories for outdoors and cycling


CHUN TAI Electric with a factory in Shenzhen, China is a professional Taiwan manufacturer in Home Appliances. Our brand name, RJE, is famous in several markets. Our product range covers Immersion Water Heater and BBQ accessories. With UL, CUL, CE, PSE, and BSMI certificates, CHUN TAI Electric obtains a professional R&D team to keep innovating and improving products to match customers' specific needs.

Products: Immersion heater, Electric BBQ lighters


Products: Hair Shampoo, Hair Color Dye, Hair Repair, Other Hair Beauty Products and Pet Products


We development the environment paper straw for protecting earth and will not destroy the earth ecology. Because we use FSC paper and decomposable on nature surrounding, so our products has no plasticizer, no fluorescent agent and meet the safety standard of food hygiene of FDA.

Products: Flat end paper straw, Bevel end paper straw


  • Extend vegetable & fruit fresh BOPP bag
  • Bio-degradable compostable disposable tableware, straw, shopping bag, fruit/ food container, food package and plant & seeding pot
  • Reusable wall type household and anti-slip pad


TAFA company was established in 1974 as a leading professional manufacturer and exporter of different kinds Kitchenware/ Houseware /Bathroom Accessories/ Pizza ware & bicycles. Our factories located in Taiwan and China. Headquarters is at Taipei, Taiwan and in charge of marketing. Our markets are all over the world, mainly in the US, Europe, Japan and Australia.

Products: Kitchenware/ Houseware /Bathroom Accessories/ Pizza ware & bicycles


Well Lands has more than 30 years OEM ODM manufacturing experience on ergonomic products. We are certified with ISO9001, ISO13485, CE, and FDA. Our two factories are located in China and Taiwan. We own many production lines, such as gel production lines, memory foam production lines, TPE production lines and also sewing department. In addition, we have experienced R&D department, capable to develop any ergonomic product that meets your needs.

Products: Memory foam, Gel production, Ergonomic products, Pillows, Back support, Foot care products, Gel positioning pad, Gel mattress

【Food & Beverage】


EATPLUS CO., LTD. is one of the renowned manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Keto Powder Drink Mix, with a factory in Taiwan. With years of experience in the line of weight management and health supplement, we are known for our outstanding performance in the industry. Our products are more focus on ketogenic/low carb diet ex: Pure C8 MCT oil, MCT oil, sacha inchi oil, keto coffee, matcha and chocolate powder, Kombucha tea powder and keto cookies.

  • Ketogenic diet supplements: Keto coffee/matcha/chocolate powder, MCT oil, Pure C8 MCT oil, sacha inchi oil, keto cookies.
  • Enzyme drink for gut health: Kombucha tea powder, green plum enzyme drink


Red Sakura Food Co., Ltd. was founded in Taiwan in 2002. The founder Mr. Hsu has dedicated himself to the pastry industry for more than 20 years. His goal is to bring the best pastries to everyone around the world. Red Sakura specializes in the manufacture & OEM of traditional Taiwanese pastries and cookies. As for our products, we have pineapple cake, Sun Cake, Red Bean and Salted Yolk Pastry, Nougat, Almond Crisp, Red Bean Q Pastry, and Moon Cake. We also manufacture Hello Kitty cookies and cake, just to name a few, as we are officially authorized by Sanrio. Over the years Red Sakura has grown to new heights by adapting to a changing environment and aims to export and share culinary talent, innovations and ideas around the world.

Products: Red Bean Q Pork Pie, Pineapple Cake, Sun Cake, Yolk Pastry, Nougat , Almond Cookies A Series Of Hello Kitty Cookies


The SAN PIN TIAN INT’L CO., LTD is a company offer high-quality tea and unique agricultural products. Protecting the environment and providing clean and safe food is our goal. We are engaged in wholesale, retail and customized the high-quality products. and looking for distributors and agents around the world for our 3 brands, “茶房野茶SUN IN TEA,” “SUNn IN TEA” and “LAOMU.” We have won 3 international taste awards, the ITQI Taste Award, the AA Taste Awards and the Great Taste Award.

  • “LAOMU” The major commodity are tea and unique agricultural products. All the products are natural, organic and free-grown.
  • “SUNn IN TEA” Indulge in the likes of romance and passion of champagne – The perfect drink for non-drinkers. Alcohol-free sparkling tea made from a fine selection of green, black and wild tea.
  • “茶房野茶SUN IN TEA” The ancient tree tea and wild tree tea is our major commodity, made from indigenous wild tea tree and free-grown tea tree that grow in the forest without pesticide, herbicide, irrigation, fertilization.

Products: Tea, Aiyu Fig Seed jelly, ChampThé(sparkling tea), White Gourd Block



"The world’s most exquisite good in the world, Sunrise will pack it for you." Sunrise Package Co., Ltd. has been in the jewelry window display and jewelry packaging industry around 35 years. As a leading company in Taiwan, we emphasize the quality and design a lot and have launched so many exclusive products. That’s the reason why we earn lots of luxury brand clients’ trust and honorably become their reliable long-term partner. We’ve also extended our business to 35 countries since 1998, and build stable steps to become a world- wide packaging design manufacturer for the enhancement of a variety of merchandise including jewelry, watch and luxurious products. “We don’t satisfy until you do; we are not successful until you are.”

Products: Jewelry Box, Jewelry Display, Watch Box, Watch Display, Luxury Brand Boutique Package


Products: WPC (wood plastic composite) of building material is for Decking, Walkway, Platform, Pool Around, Fencing, Railing, Bridge, Landscape, Garden, Decoration of a Green Eco-Friendly product.

  • Organizer Taipei City Government
  • Conductor Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)


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