Galapagos Penguin Maizlyn Sterba

The Galapagos Penguin is located north of the equator and they are the only penguin found here.

These penguins typically eat small fish. They are relatively small, large billed, with narrow white lines around their faces.

They breed mainly in caves or crevices of old lava flows and in burrows

Humans are affecting these animals by pollution, bycatch, and introducing species

The only known solutions are to reduce pollution, and make artificial nest sites and marine protected areas in Elizabeth Bay.


Created with images by Mike Weston - "Penguin" • Dallas Krentzel - "Galapagos Penguins (Spheniscus mendiculus) at Isabela, Galapagos Islands" • lightmatter - "Galapagos Penguin" • BLMOregon - "Crack in the Ground" • hillarydaniels - "untitled image" • ptc24 - "Gentoo Nesting Sites"

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