The Healer's Oath EpistemoloGy, ethics and ethos

I wish to address a moral dilemma that I have found myself inundated by many times along this Healer's Path, one that has weighed heavy on my heart at several junctures, and has required a certain delicacy of ethics and intuitive trust to straddle the boundary of and restore lawful relationship to. The problem is a dichotomy: on one end, the responsibility of a healer to heal; on the other, the danger of healing a Being before they are willing and able to do so Themselves, before they are capable of the inner work required to change their fundamental belief system, to untangle and rewrite the psycho-emotional origin story that has caused the disease to manifest. Doctors, acupuncturists and reiki masters alike are called to the Healers' Path and swear under the Hippocratic Oath to Do No Harm. Indeed, healing the body before the soul has integrated the True Nature of the Disease can cause great harm. The disease may be Creator Intelligence's protection for the individual, a means of warding off even greater torments. The lawful balance lies in knowing the Purpose of the Disease and the Spiritual Atmosphere that will allow the patient to let go of the symptomatic scaffolding and grow their own Authentic Architecture of Light and Truth.

Until a person is ready to heal, no power in the world can make them do so, and once they are ready, no power can stop them. It is with this knowledge that we may approach a Being in pain and ask permission to participate in service for their healing. It is here where we healers are asked to access a very subtle, centered, sensitive and pure state of awareness, a state I refer to as 'witness consciousness.' From this perspective we are invited to observe the various psycho-somatic filaments that weave through the patient's core memories and build their sense of World and Self. As we watch these streams of stories like a movie, we notice that some of these flow through the Brightlands, Underscapes of Love, Joy, Gratitude, Purpose, Belonging, and Esteem for One's Accomplishments, while some of these streams ooze through the Shadowlands, realms of Fear, Rancor, Resentment, Guilt, Shame, and Jealousy. These murky rivers of story poison our cells and synapses and upset the homeostasis of our immune system, and can only be purified by directing one's awareness and emitting a resonance of compassion, mercy, intimacy, and forgiveness. It is this this un-attached empathetic creative audience and intuitive visualization of a healer that allows the spells to filter and charge the body with Light.

We cannot heal anyone by simply removing symptoms. All diseases can and will return if the Patient does not illuminate and shift their fundamental Narrative, i.e., their belief system, attitude, behavior, and lifestyle. If we truly want to evolve our Being and reach a higher Octave of Consciousness, we must learn to dilate our aperture to experience the illumined hues and fractal textures of our unique blueprint. This is the Journey Home. The alchemy of this transformation involves returning to a joyful remembrance of the vital life force and the interwoven Space of Love that moves through all sentient matter. Beyond the knowledge, tools, and techniques, the energetic role of a healer is to hold a resonance of this harmonious operating system, which allows Beings to understand the original language of their 'dis-ease' and what the Supreme Intelligence of Creator is saying to them through the Gestalt of their Pain Body. All we can do is hold out a tray of available medicines and modalities as if they are food and allow the Patient to take whatever they are instinctively drawn to, or nothing at all. We cannot know what their awoken primal intelligence will gravitate towards: this is the epistemological conundrum. All we can do is set our moral compass to point due north and frame our stance with the intent that this Being receive the medicine they need most at the moment.

Time and time again I have tried and failed to heal Beings who are not ready to be healed, beings who have become dependent on their excuse not to live a full Human life of love and power on the steep and narrow path of Spirit, to never rid themselves of the crutch they have come to consider an ally. My own parents are the most challenging teachers of this lesson, to witness in their gestalt of self-harm and not rush to be their savior. My father, though homeless and financially and physically challenged on the cold streets of Boston, is actually in a much better state than my mother because of his emotional positivity and appraisal of his operating system with the Divine. While my mother's physical health is sustained through healthy diet, exercise, and a peaceful home in nature, her depression continues to eat at her and prevent her from appraising her essence and connecting her to joyful moments of loving presence and self-improvement. I have taken her to expensive cutting edge scientific treatments for re-wiring her brain chemistry, given her CBD oil and superfoods, but until she fully opens her heart to fully embrace her Joyful Destiny without looking back, she will be unable to succeed in fully participating in her healing.

Sometimes these self-sabotaging thoughts are so destructive that they manifest into auto-immune disorders and even life-threatening diseases. The diagnosis may be diabetes or Lyme's disease or cancer, and the transference lesson one of assimilating life's natural sweetness, or freeing oneSelf from victim consciousness and playing the role of parasitic host, or transforming the darkest, heaviest, and most fearsome emotions, traumas, and evils of the world with compassion and acceptance.

Pain is a confidential conversation between a Being and the Supreme Intelligence of Creator. It is a private dialogue with the consciousness that formed our genetic codes and epigenetic materials. As Healers we may alleviate pain, share our understanding of the deeper Gestalt that created the imbalance, and focus our intent on up-leveling their awareness and writing a new Narrative of health. Our oath to this Benevolent Force is not simply to remove symptoms, but to flood the field with a compassionate awareness that allows beings to do the deeper psycho-emotional shadow work necessary to forgive themSelves, deprogram from false laws in their origin story, and rise to a higher octave.

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