haw puppies turn in to adult dogs by: Sophia Sandoval

how puppies are born.They come from there mom that is a girl.They need milk so the puppies can live longer.The puppies can not open there eyes yet.They need to have milk or the puppies can die.The pup can not be on there own till the pups are 2 years old.When the pups are born the pups have too get milk first thing when the cute little pup gets out.Do you want too see the next stage well lets go!!!!!

in the second stage.the pups can die.when the puppies are 2 mothes they are 26 in dog years.and there are tipes of doges like doxens,begles and meny more.i this pucture u can see that it is like my dog.next one is that doxens have little wight stuff that is sleepy sand.dogs can have wiskers gust like cats.the pups have lines i there nouse to breath more beter to go farether.lrts go see the next page.

adult dog.when the dog is full grown.when the dog is full grown it is colled adult dog.

thank you so much for reading my story hope you engoud my story this is a sick dog thank you so so much


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