Little Red, One Forest By bethany best

A long time ago there lived a young girl called Red Riding Hood. One day Little Red Riding Hood’s mum asked her to take some cakes to her granny who was ill. So she put on her cloak, packed up a basket and skipped off through the woods to granny’s house.

Little Red Riding Hood hadn’t gone far when she met the woodcutter. He asked her where she was going. “I’m going to take these cakes to my grandma’s house”. “That’s very kind of you, but be careful”, warned the woodcutter, “there’s a wicked old wolf in these woods and he’s always hungry”.

Little Red Riding Hood bravely skipped on a bit faster. Behind a tree the wicked wolf watched her. He was feeling rather hungry. He would have liked to have gobbled up Little Red Riding Hood there and then but he could hear the woodcutter near by, so he thought better of it. He thought of a clever plan, and ran off in the direction of grandma’s house.

When the wolf got to granny’s house he rudely let himself in and greedily gobbled up granny in one bite. Then he squeezed his fat body into granny’s night-gown put on her night-cap and glasses and climbed into bed.

A short time later Little Red Riding Hood arrived at granny’s house. Granny didn’t look like herself at all. “What big eyes you have”, said Little Red Riding Hood. “ All the better to see you with, my dear”, said the wolf. “But what big ears you have!” “All the better to hear you with”, said the wolf. “ Granny, what big teeth you have!” “All the better to eat you with!” said the wolf with a wicked laugh.

He jumped out of bed and began to chase a very frightened Little Red Riding Hood. She screamed very loudly. Luckily the woodcutter heard the noise and just as the wolf was about to eat up the delicious Red Riding Hood he burst in the door and cut off the wolf’s head. Then the woodcutter cut the wolf open and out stepped granny. Little Red Riding Hood, granny and the woodcutter all sat down to tea and cakes and they lived happily ever after.


Created with images by joansorolla Creative Commons site - "Llums al bosc 4 (Color version)"

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