Haym Salomon By Matthew stancliff

Haym Salomon

What was the point of you life?

I think the point of my life was to help spy and sabotage the British anyway I can and to help out my fellow americans. But also I was in it for the money but I also wanted to help america. I believe that even though I was born in Europe I hated the British and all European country's. I joined the " Son's of Liberty" and that was one of the best times of my life because we just did whatever we wanted and it was just amazing but at the same as we were sabotaging country's we were also helping out our country.

How do you think you will actually be remembered?

I think I will actually be remembered as a great person but also a rebel. I will be remembered as a great person because I helped America in the revolutionary war and I also helped the Americans escape from prison. But I also think I will be remembered as a rebel because I did a lot of crazy stuff because even though I was born in Europe I betrayed them and came to America and joined the Sons of Liberty and then I just sabotaged country's with my brothers.

What was your greatest success?

I think my biggest success was when I came from Europe to New York and I joined the Sons of Liberty and then when Britain came over and captured New York they put me in jail. But I escaped jail to go help my fellow Americans in the war. But then the British arrested me again in 1778 and sentenced me to death but that death sentence did not stop me I didn't just give up because I knew I was going to die I kept going and I escaped from prison again and made my way back to Philadelphia. So don't give up on what you believe in like I believed in fighting for my country and so I went and got that.

Would you or could you of done things differently?

If I were to do things differently I would of not have been in the war for the money I would of been in the war to help out my country not just to get money and leave. Also I would try not to be born in Europe because that's what got Britain's attention when I came to the U.S and they wouldn't have arrested me if they didn't know who I was.

Do you have any regrets?

Umm yes I do have just on regret I wish I would of just fought in the war and not of just been in it for the money. And that's really all of my regrets.

Did you have any kids?

Yes I have 4 kids they are the best thing that ever happened to me. They are the reason I try so hard when I work. I love they to death and there names are Deborah, Ezekiel, Haym, and Sallie.

What do you feel most proud of?

I feel most proud of leaving Great Britain and coming to america and joining the Sons of Liberty. I feel most proud about that because Britain was a trader so I just left them and came to the amazing U.S where I became one of the greatest dudes known. I think that was the best decision in my life because it started a new chapter in my life.


" I am beloved, and beloved is me."

" All men have on entrance into life, and the like going out."

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