Festival of Frights By Lacy Nolan

Tis the season for ghouls and goblins as Mercersburg kicks off the start of this spooky season with annual halloween parade.
James Buchanan High School's very own Nick Alfree (12) and Harley Lane (11) working together to conduct the band through the parade to the song Keep On The Sunny Side by A.P. Carter. Wyatt Mitchell (10) on the bass drum. Emma Breon (9) and Elijah Poe (11) on the trumpet. Left to right Evan Logsdon (9) ,Dillion Donley (9), and Kierra Griffith (11) hold the banner to announce that the band is coming. Tasha Myers (9) and Emily Escobar (10) walking through the parade spinning their flag to the beat of the drum in color guard.
Officers and members of FFA hanging around before they set off to join into the parade. Officers Rachel Martin (12) and Richard Gillette (12) poing for a picture with the FFA Emblem and poster made by the students in class. Allyson Baker (11) and Jamie Petty (11) posing side by side with big smiles on the spooky float all excited for the parade to start.