Save the Frogs Mrs. Granger's C1 Family

This project of ours all started on the playground at Pike Road Schools in August 2016. There were frogs EVERYWHERE and our kids were enjoying observing them and moving them to a safer area so they wouldn't get stepped on. One day I heard someone say, "I wonder why there are so many frogs on the playground?" It was the driving question to begin our project. Now this is not exactly a question that Google can answer which is why we really had to learn more about frogs in order to come to a conclusion. At first we decided, through expert speakers and research, that it might be their mating season or as the kids like to say, "they were trying to find a girlfriend." Our driving question shifted toward saving them when one learner found the website savethefrogs.com. This website played a very big part in our learning and planning. It was there that we found the video, created by the organization's founder Dr. Kriger, that made many of us sad and we decided we needed to do our part to SAVE THE FROGS and other amphibians of our world! We decided that the best way to tell others about the importance of frogs was to host our very own Save the Frogs Day at our school and that is exactly what we did! Join us in our efforts to SAVE THE FROGS!

Finding frogs on the playground in August

Dr. Kriger's Video

Field Work and Expert Speakers

Research and planning

Published Authors

Frog Projects: Art, Tyrone Hayes: The Frog Scientist and creating ways for humans to climb, glide and swim like a frog

Video created by a few learners

Save the Frogs Day Videos

Class Reflection

The sweetest Save the Frogs Day ever! I am so proud of us all. I hope they remember this day forever and think of our family whenever they see a frog! :)

Individual Reflections of our Project

Chandler: "I liked that we raised money." "I wish we had more balloons!

Breah: "I enjoyed that everything was going smoothly. "I wish we could have painted their whole face like a frog!"

Annsley: "My favorite part was doing the Save the Frogs day and raising money. "I really want to use things to make a way for humans to climb and stick to things like frogs do."

Braylon: "I liked the stickers that we handed out." "We need to have more treats to raise money."

Bailey: "I liked when we had a video chat with Mr. Starkey from Save the Frogs." "I wanted to go and see more frogs on a field trip."

Davis: "I liked giving people gummies and raising money. "I wanted more people to come to our Save the Frogs Day."

Aubrey: "I liked writing the book together." "I wish we could have made a frog pond."

Madilynn: "My favorite part was when we got to make the video." "We could have actually read the book to them when they came to our station."

Olivia: "I liked when people were asking about our video we made." "I wish we all would have stayed in our stations. I kept going to other ones and I feel like I should have stayed at mine."

Aiden: "I liked when we got to talk to Mr. Starkey on video chat." "I should have not split up from my team."

Carolyn: "I liked painting their faces." "I wish everyone would have stayed at their station."

Zaylon: "I enjoyed watching frog videos." "I wish we could have made more announcements to the school about it."

Evie: "I liked painting the Nerdy Frog." "I wish we would have done more frog art!"

Daniel: "I am glad that we had a Save the Frogs Day." "I wished we would have told them more."

Andre: "I like going to Lanark to fish and find tadpoles." "I wish we would have had more treats to raise more money."

Leo: "I liked making the video." "I wish we could make more pictures."

Shaylin: "I liked searching for tadpoles at Lanark." "I want to make more videos to show the world."

Mya: "I liked writing the book." "I wish we would have stayed at our stations more."

Adiel: "I liked passing at stickers." "We should have done it in the gym because it has more space."

Matthew: "I liked that a lot of people came to my station to leap like a frog." "I wish we would have had more stations there."

Harmon: "I liked presenting to people." "I think we should have found more frog scientists to come and talk to us."

Toryn: "I liked showing the kids our video." "I wish we could have organized our station better so it wasn't so crowded."

Apollo: "I liked giving the stickers to classes. "We needed more classes to come."

Dexter: Absent but will get his reflection soon! :)

Extending the project outside of school.

Davis did his own Save the Frogs fundraiser at a yard sale over the weekend!

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