Hit Me With Your Best Shot Year 9 Dance Analysis By Claire cottle

The amazing, astounding and astonishing Musical Theatre and Jazz dance, ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’ was choreographed by Mia Michaels for the movie ‘Rock of Ages’ in 2012. Mia Michaels is an award-wining choreographer who was the perfect choice for this dance. The main movement and non-movement elements include space, energy, costume and set. The dance showed a group of women showing their detestation towards the Rock ‘n’ Roll star Stacee Jaxx and was done very well.

Patricia Whitmore with her group dancing

The movement components of this dance really tie together well to make it interesting and amusing to watch. The choreographic intent of the dance scene is to entertain and convey to the audience that the group of Stepford Wives want to ban Stacee Jaxx and his influence on their society. They use movement components to express the hatred for rock ‘n’ roll. They use specific steps corresponding to this. But deep down inside Patricia Whitmore is an ex-groupie and isn’t over her feelings for Stacee Jaxx. The space in the dance ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’, started in the back of the church hall with the lead, Patricia Whitmore. They then move to a pyramid formation with Patricia still in lead then split into two lines going through the different rows of church pews. The dance also focuses on two other wives that back up Patricia Whitmore. Both the components of space and energy combine well and create the moment. The energy component of the dance scene was full of high energy. This is shown from the over the top movements such as punching of the fist, kicking, stomping with hands on hips, pelvic thrusts and sliding along the church rows. The dance’s motif is a gunshot movement made by the interlocking of the fingers and also the punching of the fist. The effectiveness of the component was definitely met. This is because the movements correctly conveyed their purpose to express that the Stepford wives hate Stacee Jaxx and the gun is giving them control. Another movement they use to show control is the pretended grabbing the men’s genitals. An added interpretation of the energy used in the dance was extremely over the top because it was a musical theatre piece and they always have to produce liveliness. The purpose was met by the use of over the top singing, dancing and acting throughout the performance.

‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’ was the song that appeared in the movie Rock of Ages and included many excellent non-movement components, which include, costume and set elements that really made the presentation amazing to watch. The costumes presented in the performance are various pastel coloured dresses, pantsuits and coordinated sets, high heels for shoes that are in neutral colours, puffed up high fringe and a woman wore suits and formal wear. The types of costumes that were used were effective and known as common, wealthy women, 80’s attire. The costume absolutely met its purpose as it showed the time effectively of the 80’s through the costumes. Another element is the set, which had an abundance of elements usually used in a church scene such as candelabras, church rows of seats, flowers, large photo of Stacee Jaxx, organ piano, and a podium in the centre back. These props were used to convey a believable and successful church scene. Church rows were placed on either side of the aisle, with an enormous organ at the back of the room. With a set like this it shows that it is ironic since they are talking about sex and drugs in a place of worship. The non-movements elements' were very definite in the way of showing the scene as a believable church display. The costume was very compelling to look at as it resembled the wives' beliefs and that they are wealthy, independent and sovereign. Overall these components blend excellently with the dance and show just what it would've been like.

Overall, the dance piece was conducted excellently. The movement and non-movement components that include the set, energy, costume and lighting elements all were extremely successful throughout the entire dance. The performance was entertaining because it conveys the irony of the fact that they were in the church promoting sex, drugs and alcohol.


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