Traveling during a pandemic By: Hayden Cheung

COVID-19 has affected everyone in some way, shape, or form. Restaurants, businesses, and facilities are all closed down due to the pandemic — that is, depending on where you are. In this regard, Reno is an interesting case. Even though everything should be in lockdown due to health concerns, a lot of places, such as restaurants, hotels, and casinos, are open and functioning.

BACKGROUND: A stage once filled with endless performances now eerily vacant.

Part of the arcade in Circus Circus is closed due to health concerns.
My mother and two brothers attempting at knocking down clowns.

My family wanted to do something special for my grandfather, as my grandmother had passed due to complications with the virus. He wished to see Reno, the place where he eloped with my grandmother when they were young. The drive there took less time due to the absence of traffic. We stayed at the beautiful Grand Sierra Resort, which made Thanksgiving break feel more like Christmas break, with all the shimmering snow decorations.

BACKGROUND: My baby brother, Miles, deeply embraces the décor.

The main parking lot just outside of the main entrance of the resort.
The lobby of the Grand Sierra Resort.

My grandfather enjoyed seeing Reno one last time. He passed recently on Dec. 15, just prior to his wedding anniversary on Dec. 18. Travelling during a pandemic was stressful because of the threat of the virus, but I will always cherish this trip as the last wonderful moments I got to spend with my grandfather.

My brothers playing around next to the Reno sign.
My stepfather, mother, brothers, aunts, cousin, and I roaming the empty streets. (My grandfather is not in this photo as he decided to gamble!)


Hayden Cheung