Hootsuite Certification Krista Prak

What I Learned

To social media professionals, Hootsuite is one of the various tools that can be used to manage various social media accounts. Whether you are scheduling a post or simply monitoring your brand and brand mentions, Hootsuite can make doing these things quick and painless. The program is broken up into several different sections ensuring that all aspects of Hootsuite are explored. They begin with the fundamentals of Hootsuite, advanced uses, and Hootsuite enterprise courseware. Each area is thoroughly explored through videos, readings, and quizzes. Sections are also categorized on levels of difficulty and can only be taken once each previous course is completed.

What I Loved

One of my favorite aspects of Hootsuite was the visual representation of it all through the vidoes and quizzes. As a hands on individual, being able to watch videos explaining how the program works made it easier for me to use the program. I was able to go back and watch the videos if something didn't click right away in my head which tends to happen often. I also enjoyed the quizzes that where given at the end of each chapter. The quizzes made sure that the information that I was gathering stayed fresh in my mind and allowed me to engage more with the program to retain the knowledge. Although there were a lot of videos, the quzzing helped with rememebering some of the most important parts of each chapter.

My Favorite Topic

My favorite topic was within the fundamentals course where I learned about engagement. I enjoy creating fan engagement and monitoring what consumers are saying about a brand. Hootsuite makes it easy and quick to engage with fans and the chapters explain how to do this on each social media platform ranging from Instagram to Facebook. I strongly believe that fan engagement is one of the driving forces for companies and Hootsuite makes creating content across all social media platforms easy.

What Hootsuite Has Done For Me

As an aspiring beauty & lifestyle blogger, Hootsuite has allowed me to see what I can do to manage all of my social media platforms. Trying to keep up with a blog, Instagram, and Facebook page can be tough but with Hootsuite I am able to schedule posts and check on all platforms under one page. I am currently using Squarespace for my personal blog and Hootsuite isn't currently able to link up to it just yet there is a forum where websites can be suggested or tweeted. Another cool thing that I am able to do with Hootsuite is put the certification on my resume under social media platforms that I am trained to use. This is a huge plus because I am looking for a job within the social media industry and being able to say that as a student I learned to utilize this platform gives me some brownie points. I want to thank Dr. Karen Freberg for allowing me to learn and utilixe this platform and for everything that she has done as my social media and strategic communications professor; without her wisdom and guidance I wouldn't be as qualified and confident as I am today.

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