Florida Museum of Natural History Kevaughn Allen

My experiences overall was amazing. This museum had animals that you could look at and had animals that you could go look at up close. The part that I like the most was going to go see the butterflies up close. I never seen colorful butterflies up close before.

Nature on Display

What was appealing to me at this exhibits was that that it had trees and a cave. This display showed the northwest part of Florida. I never thought Florida had caves and was surprised to see that. What caught my attention about the exhibit was when I first walked in I saw a big trees with a bunch of moss. If I had read about Northwest Florida in a book I would not have understand about the dimension of the tree or the texture of caves. I like how it was interactive and you get to learn about something you never knew what Florida have.

Nature and Ethics

This exhibits which shows a beach type setting was more like what I thought Florida to be. This was one of my favorite exhibits because this set up caught my attention the most. The reason why I think it caught mt attention is because back at home there is no beach to go to and that made it special. This exhibits allowed me to get Leopold suggestions. I will value land more especially the beaches. It made me want to go to a beach to just enjoy the nice warm weather. Other people were excited about the exhibits. I saw the look on their face and they were smiling and taking pictures for memory. The way they design the museum, they made it look so real so when you are looking at it you are thinking that you are really outside on a island looking at birds up close. Yes my experience in the museum installed an ethical responsibility to nature as Leopold.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by putting us in a new position that we never been in to meet new people. It takes you out your confront zone to learn about something that you do not know already. It will help me better understand who I am as a person by giving new things a chance. You never know what you will like all the time if you do not give it a try.

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