We had a spectacular Week 7, with increases across the board – exactly what we need as we move into crunch time for Q1. The Sales Leadership Council is in Columbus this week and joined us on what was a jam-packed call.

Aflac U.S. President Teresa White

We were so fortunate to have Aflac U.S. President Teresa White join us to talk about Vision 2020. At Focus, Teresa shared what the vision is all about. During this week's call, she shared more detail on the impact of the strategy and how it supports sales in 2017 and beyond. Teresa gave insight on:

  • How Vision 2020 delivers the right solutions to market segments based on employers' needs.
  • Aflac's direct-to-consumer opportunities, including agent-assisted business.
  • Rollout timelines and details by market segments.

This information is confidential and for TVPs and MKDs only.

Teresa will join us on a future MKD video conference that will be dedicated to progress on Vision 2020 and will include a Q&A session. In the meantime, please direct any questions you may have to Vision2020@aflac.com.

Let's recognize the weekly leaders for Week 7. Congratulations to the following MKDs who led the way with huge sales increases:

An update from the Hill

In today's political climate, the value of having a strong voice in Washington, D.C., has never been more important. Vice President of Federal Relations Brad Knox gave an invaluable update on what's happening on Capitol Hill and how the health care landscape is shifting once again.

Act today: Help us hit the PAC goal of $3 million in contributions to ensure Aflac’s voice is heard. For information on how to contribute, contact Brad Knox.

Developing the broker relationship

"There’s no finish line in collaboration." - David Brenner, Sales Manager

Building a collaborative relationship is a cumulative process that requires consistent messaging and daily reinforcement at every level of your organization. The North Territory already has 78 percent of its broker business enrolled by the field: Can you meet or exceed that in your own market? Take a look at the leaders in broker growth YTD:

Recruiting: Going beyond the ‘yes’

Top markets have a clear process to guide a new recruit through the licensing process. Here’s a look at our top-five markets in recruiting YTD:

Tennessee MKD Brent Goode

As these markets have learned, getting a recruit to the "yes" is just a first step. In fact, 70 percent of your recruiting time should be spent shepherding your new recruit through the second interview and licensing process. Tennessee MKD Brent Goode shared four other critical steps:

  1. Contact the new recruit 24 to 48 hours after the first interview.
  2. Set the recruit's test date and outline your expectations of the training process.
  3. Track the ratio of recruits that move from first to second interviews and from enrolled to licensed associates.
  4. Know who is in the licensing process, where they are in the process and when they test. You should always know how many new writing numbers you’ll be bringing in three weeks from now.

Barry McPherson: Everwell production changed when I changed

CA-SC MKD Barry McPherson

This time last year, Barry was hovering just under the thin red line of acceptable Everwell activity – now he’s No. 4 in the nation for Everwell growth.

His increase comes from carrying the message directly to every member of his organization. Meeting with all active agents for a monthly income planning session – from associates to RSCs – allowed him to introduce an Everwell-centric enrollment strategy at every level. And as Everwell success stories started rolling in, he got the buy-in he needed to fundamentally change the culture of his organization. Today, CA-SC has more Level 3 certified Everwell agents than any other market. Here are the other YTD Everwell leaders:

Tee up a Power Weeks win

Turning in a strong performance during PACE is stage one in prepping for Q1 Power Weeks. Now, it’s time to follow up on every Onset Marketing lead to drive home the win. To date, we're seeing a 49 percent take rate for appointments set with dormant accounts. Work with your MAA to ensure your market is pursuing every lead so you don’t miss out on any enrollments this March or April. Here's a look at the asset management leader board through Week 7.

"As leaders, you have to drive the culture well before you drive the performance." - Jeremy Frye, Market Director
MO-W MKD Jeremy Frye

Jeremy Frye has made success during Power Weeks one of his calling cards. Jeremy talked about the "why" of Power Weeks. He stressed that MKDs can set the foundation for Power Weeks success by posing two key questions to your associate team:

  1. Have you clearly stated to your associate team why your market is conducting Power Weeks?
  2. Have you clearly connected the dots on why the associate is conducting Power Weeks for themselves?

Finally, a huge congratulations to the following MKDs on their President's Club qualification. Pack your bags: You're headed to Malibu in April!

Have a great week everybody.

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