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Menes 3032-2952 B.C. Was the Founder of the 1st Dynasty and was the first pharaoh of Egypt. He also founded Memphis.

Khufu 2589-2566 B.C. Khufu built the great pyramid of Giza, he chose a low ground area for the great pyramid.

Khafre 2520-2494 B.C. He has his face on the sphinx, was called "Khafre the great" and was the younger son of Khufu.

Mentuhotep II 2060-2010 B.C. Was the first ruler of the Middle Kingdom period, and was also called "the second king Menes.

Ahmose 1550-1525 B.C. Was the founder of the 18th Dynasty and was the first ruler of the New Kingdom period. He also extend Egypt's land to the 2nd cataract.

Hatshepsut 1479-1458 B.C. She is the most famous female pharaoh and had to marry her younger brother.

Thutmose III 1458-1425 B.C. Was known as a great general and statesman and was very harsh to his sisters.

Amenhotep III 1390-1352 B.C. His rule was a high point in Kemets history and Built the largest temple ever.

Akhenaten 1352-1336 B.C. He took the throne only as a teen and made many changes to the religion.

Ramses II 1279-1212 B.C. Ramses II led armies as far east as Libya and was both a skilled soldier and a builder.


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