CO^2 Drag Racers By Ethan.t


Past: Drag Racers have been around for a while. It became a post war creation by the military trying to make fast vehicles. The cars that you would consider old were back then considered drag cars. Wally Parks was a big pioneer of the drag racing world. He founded the Road Runners Club and eventually went on to become the first President of the NHRA.


Drag Racing is a huge phenomenon today. In many car games you can buy drag racers. I personally have a decked out Corvette Stringray Dragster. The world record is 1000ft in less than 3.8 second by Scott Kaliyah, he was traveling 336mph. Lamborghini even has a V8 Drag car. Drag racing is being involved with many big car companies, trying to get their chance at a great drag car. You can mimick this, like we are doing in Tech Systems, by using CO^2 and balsa wood to make a lightweight model.


The future for drag racing is far from limited. As big corporations learn the in's and out's of drag racing they learn how to make them faster and more aerodynamic. For example Ferrari has made the Ferrari LaFerrari. These show how these companies who are first class in car quality and speed are developing the drag world. We know what drag racing is now, but the next thing you know there is a space engine on the back of a Ford Mustang.


Aerodynamics, Friction, and Weight

These 3 factors change your hillbilly car to a hyper speed demon. Aerodynamics is the most important of these I believe because if a car has to much drag it causes it to slow. Having a spoiler or a design that causes the car to stay down instead of pop a wheelie is important unless you want an airplane. Friction is another key if your car has stiff wheels then it will cause it to slow down and maybe even stop it. Air friction is another version of friction, basically cut through the air instead of hammering through it. Weight is also very important because ,ore weight means it will stay down but too much means it can lower speed or offset the balance of the wheels.

2/13 Today I plan to correct my design. My design is going to be more advanced and marked at the end of class. I will fix my violation of widths with axels.

2/14 Today I will finish my design and start cutting out the pieces. Tomorrow I will be ready to cut out. I have to add the wheels and drillings into the design. I also will have to figure out how to make the air streams.

2/15 today I will cut out my design after I get the thumbs up. Then I will hopefully cut today but if not than tomorrow. Before I do those I must put my drill holes on the design. After that I should be good.

2/23 Today I will cut out my design. I am ready to drill and sand my design. My drag car should be done and ready to paint.

2/24 Today I will sand my design and spray paint it. I will take a photo of the final sanded car. I will then take a picture of the coat of the primer paint.

2/27 Today I will sand my air stream. I will coat my primer if I have time. I will hopefully be able to paint tomorrow.

2/28 Today I painted my first coat of primer and used 400 sandpaper to make it smooth after the paint soaked into the wood.

3/1 Today I will paint my second coat of primer. I will also work on. My spark page.

Bottom Of Drag Car

Top Of Car

Side Of Car

The Line Graph For The Acceleration For My CO2 Drag Racer

Ethan Trumeter

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