Culture Of War by declan vedder

Values/Beliefs: During the time of the Vietnam war religion was very prevalent. Most people valued peace and love and didn't want to see war.

Tactics: There was a lot of jungle warfare and traps being set. A lot of surprise attacks took place because of the conditions.

Home front: Most of the civilians were doing at least something to contribute to the war. weather it was making ammo and artillery or paying taxes to help fund the war.

Music: The Vietnam war had a big influence on music because of war protests. The protests during the war was what influenced music the most because of the people.

Propaganda: Most of the propaganda was against the war and very peace related. Posters saying "drop acid not bombs" and comparing nixon to hitler.

Protests: The protests were against the war because most believed it wasn't our war to fight. A lot of the protests were simply about peace in general.

Media: There was media coverage all over the place regarding the Vietnam war. There was lots of news coverage on televisions and radios.

Economics: The overall economic cost was $173 billion. This is one of the main reasons a lot of people were against the war because we were paying for a war that we didn't need to be in.

Government/Foreign Policy: The united states was not friendly with vietnam which is why we went to war with them even though we didn't have to. We also didn't agree on the same government.

The Draft: When the war started any man 18 years of age or older was required to go to war. A lot of men went to Canada to escape the draft. Some kids also decided to go to college to escape.

Family Roles: Men went to war while women stayed in the United States and took care of children and worked. Children under the ages of 18 stayed and went to school.

Re-integration: It was very hard to re introduce soldiers into society because of the things they went through. Many of them suffered from ptsd. Some couldn't tell the difference between a firework and a gun shot because of their service.

Purpose: The main reason we went into war was to prevent communism and make sure it didn't spread.

Race Equality: The Vietnam war was the war with the most African american involvement yet. 12% of the soldiers in the Vietnam war were African american.


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