Venice Italy Day 13 - August 10, 2018

For our last full day, we were initially lacking suggestions on what to see or do. Island-hopping was out of the question, and neither of us fancied a re-visit to St. Mark's square, either. After awhile it dawned on us both that we’d never ventured across the bridge to see the town area on the other side of the canal from our hotel. A quick hike up and over that bridge, and we found a way to lose ourselves in Venice one last time. Best of all about this locale is that it seemed to be more the province of locals and not tourists.

We managed to find our way by following a rudimentary map and going by the names of churches. Many of the locals are dog owners, and were out to walk their favored pets. Venice merchants have relaxed rules when it comes to canines on premises, too. However, not everyone was happy to see us. Check out the disapproving stare from the gal in green. We saw one shop keeper attempting to remove graffiti.

The morning walk benefited by fortuitous cloud cover, which yielded one of if not the most temperate morning of the trip. We stopped at a small, two story museum dedicated to the inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci.

The museum was nestled between San Rocco church pictured above, and Basilica de Frari pictured below. The second floor of the museum contains examples of Da Vinci’s ideas which were constructed using his drawings. Pure genius.

Frari Basilica

Mid morning found us in need of a pick-me-up and this local coffee house obliged.

Coffee Break

Were these signs misleading? Were they letting walkers know that either path will get you “there?” There was only one way to find that out.

Which way to S. Marco?

The best part of getting lost was discovering things you might not otherwise have seen on a mapped out excursion.

By the afternoon we had managed to cover most of the main thoroughfares on the other side of the canal from our home base. We walked all the way to the Piazza Romana, to the edge of motor vehicle civilization. We meandered back gradually, quickening our pace as the sun was dispensing with the cloud cover. By mid afternoon we were at the mercy of the heat and humidity again, so we opted for shade and a chance to people watch one, last time. Being a Friday afternoon, it seemed as though the people flow from the train station had increased dramatically.

Lunch break and people watching.
Last Evening in Venice

Dinner brought us back to Gino’s one more time. The last evening was beautiful, and from a temperature stand point, probably the best one of the whole trip.

Saturday dawned, and we met our “taxi driver” for the most raucously fun “ride” to the airport that either of us had ever had. Thankfully it began slowly enough allowing Theresa time to snap a picture of our temporary home from the canal side (lower left). Despite the ominous clouds on the horizon, weather played no factor in our departure.

Saturday morning taxi ride to the airport.

The takeoff provided grand opportunities to have one last look at Venice as we set off Westward; a great culmination of a fantastically enjoyable journey.

Window seat
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