Despite being married with kids, Olu used his six foot muscled black framed body to use. He was what you would describe as a serial player. His wife had caught him a number of times but he had always slipped through her tight grip.

It was a Saturday summer evening when Olu decided to pop round to the city centre for a drink or two. Sitting at the bar was a beautiful lady wearing a tight leather dress. Her name was Sandra, a solicitor from out of town. She was staying the weekend at the hotel right above the bar and had popped down to burn a bit of time. Olu introduced himself as they exchanged pleasantries.

A few cocktails and Vodka shots later. They found themselves in her hotel room, kissing and exploring each other. Sandra was into BSDM and was a cognoscente of the art. With Olu striped naked, she tied Olu to the bed face down and put a leather mask on him. Sandra opened her leather bag and brought out a koboko ( This is a real horse whip that can get you speaking in tongues if used on you). She started to whip Olu, with each open harder than the previous. Trying to set himself free from his situation, Olu pulled at the ropes with no success.

There was a knock on the hotel room door, and Sandra stopped to open it. Olu could hear some female voices and could recognise one in particular. It was Olu’s wife and friends. The epiphany hit him like a slap in pitch black room. He came to the realisation that he had been setup. Olu’s wife and Sandra were old school mates and belonged to the same health club. They had planned this for a few months with the hope to catch him with his pants down.

With Olu striped naked, she tied Olu to the bed face down and put a leather mask on him.
Can anyone of you players out there help get Olu out of this entrapment?

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