The CIA was responsible for the death of JFK JFK

Babushka Lady

She is present in almost every photo of his car and was within yards of the car at almost all times. We believe she could have been a trained CIA agent and would have been easily able to pull it off since she would have had the best training in the world.

Umbrella Man

Man holding an umbrella present in all the pictures. It is believed that his umbrella could have contained a gun and not been seen, which is right what the CIA wants to do, conduct their missions without being seen. Also, he just could have been signaling the real shooter since if you look at all the pictures he's in, he's holding the umbrella in a very odd manner.

Badge Man

As seen blurrily in the Mary Moorman photo while the car was also seen. The first shot came in from a high angle which in the picture the “Badge Man” and two others are seen on a steep hill and behind a wall.

Lee Harvey Oswald

We believe that there could have been just one lone figure, but we also believe that maybe he could have been a CIA sleeper agent and they said whatever they needed to say to trigger him and make him shoot the President.

Jackie Kennedy

Could have possibly been in on it because JFK cheated on her with Marilyn Monroe and we believe that the CIA asked her to help assassinate him and she said yes because of this, for example, she told him to wear his back brace that day and with him wearing that, he couldn’t bend down and hide from the second shot. She was also so calm during the assassination and anyone would be scared and freaking out if their husband got shot. She could have possibly gotten the CIA to help her kill her husband because it is known that JFK cheated on her.

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