Alexander Hamilton 1755-1804

This is Alexander Hamilton. He was born on January 11, 1755, and he died on July 12, 1804.
When he was 11, his father left him and his mother, full of debt. 2 years later, Alexander and his mother were very sick with a dangerously high fever, half dead. Alex recovered, but his mother was not so lucky. She passed away at the age of 39. He and his brother, James, moved in with their cousin who, sadly, committed suicide and left the boys alone.
He is famous because he was one of the Founding Fathers. He also promoted the US Constitution, and he was a delegate. There is an entire play dedicated to him! He is on the 10 dollar bill.
3 interesting facts: Hamilton led the Federalist Party in the 1796 election. He, like a lot of other celebrities, most likely lied about his age. It also took over 200 years and two moves to erect a monument for him.
"I never expect to see a perfect work from an imperfect man." -Alexander Hamilton
Hamilton influenced others by being one of the Founding Fathers, being an American statesman, and promoting the US constitution.

Here is some information about his life and death. He was born to Rachel Faucette and James Hamilton, but Rachel was already married to someone else, who then divorced her. He died on July 12, 1804 from a wound inflicted in a duel with his best friend Arron Burr. In the duel, Arron shot Hamilton in the stomach, killing him. Hamilton's son was named Phillip. Philip Hamilton was Hamilton's oldest child. He died in a duel much like his father, before his father's duel, due to a fatal infected wound from a bullet lodged right above his hip. The duel was to protect his father's honor. He was married to Eliza Schuyler, but was also in a tangled relationship with Maria Reynolds, who was also married.


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