Sims 4 Gender Altering Before Child is Born By A_Normal_Simmer

Have you ever wanted to change the gender of your baby, but you don't know how? Let's go through the history, of how it used to be, and coparing it to how it is now. In The Sims2 and The Sims3, there were two ways to alter the unborn baby's gender.

You could wait until the child is born, and name it what you want, even if you havea girl name and it's a boy. After that open the cheat menu and alter it that way. Or, you could have the pregnant Sim eat melons for a girl, and apples for a boy.

Well, that's the past. In The Sims4, there are no melons. There are apples though. Well, if you want a girl, get strawberries and eat them, one a day. You could start eating them later into the pregnancy. You also need to listgen to Pop Music.

If you want a boy, eat apples, once again once a day. The same as before just apples instead of strawberries. You will also need to listen to Alternative Music.

Don't worry, if you think this is fake. I assure you that this is real. I use this myself when I do legacy challenges. I did reasearch on it and found blogs about what they did and all that, but most seemed so complicated. I've been using these methods for a while now, trust me.

I hope this was helpful for you. Thank you for taking your time to read this! I hope you come back for more!! Bye!


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